Loss Prevention Platform for Retailers

FDBD was custom-designed for retailers to defend against loss. It protects valuable assets, mitigates liability, and ensures compliance with store operations and applicable laws.

Leveraging a modular design, FDBD is equipped with secure cloud storage, enabling executives and loss prevention teams to share important data and insights across stores and make decisions fast.

Prevent Returns Fraud

The Fraud Detection module prevents frequent fraudulent returns, multiple returns on the same receipt, and multi-store returners.

By requiring photo ID for returns, store create or updates for each customer in the company database. Set custom dollar thresholds that trigger a manager’s review on questionable returns for a given customer, regardless of location.

Fight Frivolous Litigation

FDBD’s Timer module tracks floor care by reminding staff to check the floors and restrooms on schedule.

Employees scan their badges after performing checks, and the FDBD system creates a date and time stamped record that can be exporter from the FDBD database.

Protect Company Assets

Keep track of valuable assets to help prevent loss. Add barcode labels to company assets including scanning guns, tools, and other supplies. Require employees to scan their company badge when checking assets in and out.

If something goes missing, you’ll know who was last responsible for the item.

Using FDBD

Set-up is easy. Simply install a tablet at your customer service counter in as many stores as needed and set thresholds for return values in the back-end admin portal.

All locations will be connected from day one. Call 888.430.8936 to start the discussion with our team.

Rouses Markets & FDBD

FDBD began as a custom loss prevention solution for Rouses Markets and its 64 stores on the Gulf Coast. With loss prevention expertise from Rouses, IDScan.net developed FDBD specifically for grocers and other retailers looking to fight fraud and prevent losses.

During its 2019 pilot of FDBD, Rouses began catching previously unidentified fraud and saw immediate results from the solution. More information, including a full Rouses case study, will soon be available.

IDScan.net thanks Rouses for its expertise and its partnership in creating a full loss prevention solution for retailers.