Facial Recognition

Cutting edge facial recognition technology to detect, track, recognize, and analyze people in live video streams.

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IDScan.net is the leading provider of AI-based ID scanning, ID parsing, ID authentication, and facial recognition.

How Facial Recognition Works

Face recognition uses multi-point meshing to turn faces into data, which can be matched against IDs, previous photos, or even faces inside live video feeds.

How to create a facial recognition template

Our face recognition tools and SDKs can create a face template from a webcam (an in-person interaction with a guest), from their ID photo, from another photo, or from a selfie camera.

Anti Spoofing Facial Recognition SDK

Matching a face to a template

Next time you see the face, the image will be matched against the templates you have saved. The software will determine if a match exists, and will pull a profile for the user. Our software can detect matches from a live feed, security camera, ID photo, or another photo.

You can set alerts or actions based on fields associated with that template – such as status (banned, VIP), age, etc.

Benefits of Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition SDK and API

We offer both a face recognition SDK, for integration into native applications, and an API, which allows you to call and query our code.

Both of these are available to our customers who are looking to add face recognition to their software.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate is your facial detection?

Extremely accurate. It also provides a confidence interval on face matching, which allows you to set your own thresholds for acceptability.

Can you use face recognition to detect emotion?

Yes. Our face recognition tools can detect joy, surprise, sadness, fear, anger and disgust.

Can you use face recognition to detect demographic information?

Yes. Our face recognition tools can detect age, gender, attention, dwell, glances, blinks, feature points, glasses and ethnicity, as well as likeliness of cosmetic enhancements.

Does your facial recognition solution include liveness checks or anti-spoofing?

IDScan.net’s Anti-Spoofing engine prevents a single photograph from being used in facial recognition. It is available as part of IDScan.net’s face recognition solution or via IDScan.net’s anti-spoofing SDK.

Scan IDs and passports remotely

Easily integrate our digital identity verification API into your application or website to fully automate age verification and identity confirmation. The DIVE API is capable of scanning IDs and passports and provides additional tools like anti-spoofing face match, layered address checks, and social security administration verification.


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