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Facial Recognition for Businesses

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By 2019, it is expected that facial recognition will be an $8 billion market, and one that will continue to quickly expand.  Businesses have already begun to incorporate facial biometrics to gather demographic data, improve safety and customer experience and reduce fraud. Unfortunately, these kinds of technologies have historically been complex, expensive, and ultimately out of reach for most. However, is giving developers and businesses the tools they need to incorporate facial recognition into their operations. Developers can easily integrate the benefits of face analysis into their product, app or service while other businesses can take advantage of’s out of the box solutions.’s out of the box solution, compatible with VeriScan Plus allows you to capture an image of both, the persons face and ID.  State of the art biometric software then compares the two images to determine how much of a match they are. Businesses can use this to ensure customers are who they say they are reducing the use of fake IDs and fraud.  Additionally, once a face or ID has been entered, that person will no longer need to stop to have their ID or face scanned.  Our software will automatically recognize that persons face and pull up their ID, along with any comments such as banned or VIP when they come on to your premises. This option is available for both, our out of the box solutions or for our enterprise SDK.

For enterprise customers, those who wish to add facial recognition to their own applications, offers a similar solution, allowing businesses to compare the image of your customer’s ID to the customer’s picture with some additional features. The enterprise solution allows the customer to take a photo of themselves (a selfie) for comparison to the ID, and makes sure the picture was taken in real time again, helping businesses to reduce fraudulent accounts.

Whether you are interested in our out of the box solutions or one of our enterprise solutions, can help you integrate the newest biometric software into your existing system. Give us a call to see how 1-888-430-8936.  Free trial of software is available, issued at no cost and on a 30 day basis.

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