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Facial Recognition for Businesses

How Facial Recognition Can Help Streamline and Secure Your Operations

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Like a scene out of Minority Report,  based in a futuristic society completely immersed in biometric technology, imagine living in a world where it is impossible to go anywhere without being identified, no ID needed.    

Although we are not quite there, biometrics such as fingerprinting have been fairly standard practice for some time, and now facial recognition technology is also becoming more common place. is making facial recognition technology more accessible to businesses and developers, making visitor management more efficient and business operations more secure.  

Incorporating facial recognition into your operations allows you to quickly find and identify faces and verify people in the camera’s line of view or live streams.  Businesses can use the technology to screen public or private premises to identify banned persons or detect high value customers the minute they walk in the door, without having to stop them to ask for identification. Additionally, make a greater impact on your customers by detecting repeat visitors and accessing their visit history allowing you to enhance your customer experience.

So, although the Minority Report scenario is still a ways off, can help you make use of the newest facial recognition technology on the market.  Whether you are looking to streamline your visitor management, increase security or both, can help you integrate our facial recognition software into your product, app or service.  Give us call to see how 1866-389-5361.

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