E-Seek M500 Driver’s License Scanner Now Available


E-Seek M500 Driver’s License Scanner Now Available

New dual-sided scanner captures images and performs full authentication

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E-Seek’s latest release, the Model M500 Forensic Reader, offers high-speed, high-resolution, and high-performance. The M500 is the latest device available with IDScan.net’s scanning technology, joining E-Seek’s other offerings: M210, M260, and M280. With dual sided imaging and analysis, this scanner pulls the data from the barcode on an ID, and captures images of the document in a single scan.

The M500 scans North American drivers’ licenses, military IDs, and other state identity cards, collecting information collection in a matter of seconds. The M500 captures an ID’s image in high-resolution as well as its data. The image may include color, red, green, blue (RGB), ultraviolet (UV), and infrared (IR) images. Once an ID has been authenticated and the data and image are captured, the data is sent to a host computer using the TWAIN connection. 

The M500 is compatible with IDScan.net’s authentication technology. After inserting an ID, the tests the presence and placement of security features that are reactive to UV and IR lights, as well as microprint. The technology also compares the data on the front of the ID to the information in the barcode on the back. In addition to the M500, IDScan.net offers authentication through: 

IDScan.net’s data capture and visitor management software may both be used with M500. When used with IDScan.net’s WizzForms auto capture software, the data and image may be stored on any host device and uploaded into most host systems. Our VeriScan visitor management software makes processing visitors more efficient and personalized. Find out more about VeriScan and WizzForms software. IDScan.net’s authentication technology is available through VeriScan, and it is available to be integrated into other platforms as an SDK. 

Shop the M500 now on IDScan.net’s online store. This device comes with a PDF417 decoder and a 3-track magnetic reader with a rapid USB device. The M500 is ideal for environments where verifying identity is a priority, including such industries as airports, casinos, and secure industrial sites. To learn more about how the M500 can help your business, contact a member of our sales team at 888.430.8936.