Driver's license for illegal immigrants

Driver’s Licenses for Illegal Immigrants – Good or Bad Policy?

There has been a lot of recent debate regarding whether states should provide driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants.  Providing them with identification would help guarantee our roads are safer by ensuring they become insured and trained drivers.  However, there has been significant push back against these policies.  Although providing them with driver’s licenses would make our roads safer, there is debate regarding whether illegal immigrants should be able to receive a driver’s license.

In California, the “Drive CA” program has been labeled as overly stringent.  For this program to work, regulators agree that there must be easy access to document requirements and applicant’s privacy must be protected.  This poses another potential problem of discrimination when illegal immigrants apply for a driver’s license.

Currently, similar bills for illegal immigrants to get driver’s licenses are trying to be based all across the US.  Despite the heavy support for them, they have faced significant political deadlock.

What do you think about giving illegal immigrants driver’s licenses?  Let us know if the comments section below.

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