North Dakota Hunting and Fishing license

Driver’s license number required on hunting and fishing licenses

Starting on April 1st, North Dakota issued a new law that requires a driver’s license or photo ID when registering for a hunting and fishing license.  This law will directly affect those applying for a deer license that will take place over the next month.

This law change is a result of House Bill 1161 that passed unanimously in both the North Dakota House and Senate during the 2013 legislative session.  The law requires anyone who is 18 years or older to submit a valid North Dakota license number when applying for a hunting or fishing license.

North Dakota attempted to roll out this new requirement during the the moose, elk, and sheep drawing, but unfortunately met a lot of resistance.  Several applicants left the driver’s license section blank or purposefully filled in the incorrect information.  This process led to a large delay in with the drawing.

To read the full story, please visit The Bismarck Tribune website.

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