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Denis Petrov: The Value of Facial Recognition and ID Scanning

How knowing your customer can affect casino operations

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This article originally appeared in the October 2019 issue of Casino Journal. The original can be read on Casino Journal’s website and in the online version of the magazine.

Denis Petrov CEO

Without a doubt, state-of-the-art security paired with amazing customer service are at the heart of every great casino. But being on top of your game can require staying up-to-date in these key areas, which can be a daunting challenge.

Fortunately, new ID scanning and facial recognition technologies, particularly in mobile versions, are making life easier for casino executives and staff. Moreover, these new tools are bringing tangible, bottom-line value through reduced liability and an enhanced customer experience.

Full disclosure: I founded a company that develops ID scanning and facial recognition solutions to a range of retailers and entertainment venues, including the gaming industry. So while I may have a bias in favor of using identity verification technology, my bigger purpose is to point out the benefits that such technologies bring.

The value benefit to casino operations can be divided into two main categories: security and compliance, and customer service and marketing.


I don’t need to tell you that the responsibility of holding a gaming license is immense and the compliance requirements are plentiful. Undoubtedly, one of the biggest worries for gaming venues is protecting their licenses. Keeping disallowed individuals off of the casino floor is a good place to start, and gathering information about guests at the entrance is vital to this. ID scanning systems can tell you instantly if a person is of age and whether their ID passes muster.

Casinos routinely have to remove guests for cheating and bad behavior, and some of them earn a place on internal banned lists. It can be vital to a casino’s security to ensure that they do not enter the premises again. But how do you recognize them? Logging, storing and sharing information in real time allows security teams to take action should banned individuals ever attempt to re-enter. ID scanning systems immediately let you know if someone seeking entry has a history of causing trouble via cross-referencing with your own internal banned lists. Your security staff will immediately be alerted and can take quick action.

In addition to managing an internal banned lists to improve security, keeping out certain individuals can keep your casino in compliance. Whether you need to prevent individuals from a self-limit or self-exclusion list from entering your casino or you need to check OFAC and anti-money laundering lists before giving a payout, having this information at your fingertips in real time can help your business comply with laws and avoid costly fines. For example, you wouldn’t want to get to a jackpot payout only to learn that the individual should not have been in your casino to begin with because they were on a self-exclusion list. ID scanning solutions can access internal and third-party databases and tell you in an instant if an individual appears on any of those lists.

Facial recognition technology can be added to give you all the same security and compliance features, but instead of waiting until the person scans their ID, a video camera will spot them and run their information before they even arrive at your access point.

An additional feature that can mean real monetary benefits to your operation is the ability of ID scanning technology to combat the perennial problem of chargebacks. These scans can deliver a time-stamped image of the ID along with custom agreements that patrons must sign for larger purchases, such as bottle service. This feature provides important evidence that makes it easier for you to prevail in chargeback disputes.


Tracking customer habits is not only a valuable asset for contending with the things you have to do, it can help you with the things you should be doing to outwork your competitors. This technology helps you gather information about your most important customers and gives you actionable data that helps you ensure amazing experiences for your VIPs, while making your staff look like super-intuitive heroes.

Knowing your VIPs is essential to keeping them happy and playing. Tracking how often they visit, how much they spend, their favorite drinks, room preferences, and even preferred staff members, a great customer experience apart from a good one—and your casino apart from the competition.

ID scanning and player loyalty programs can track all of this information and make it easy to act upon for staff at every level. And with advances in facial recognition, hosts can access this information before the VIP ever passes through your doors. The same solution that can spot banned individuals as they approach can notify staff that a whale is coming—and serve up all the information needed to greet them with a personalized customer experience. It’s seamless and simple without requiring VIPs to stop to scan their loyalty card- something most VIPs don’t like.

And while there’s no inconvenience to the customer, the amount of real-time, actionable data is immense and allows staff to act upon it immediately. Up until recently, this sort of technology seemed the stuff of sci-fi films and the distant future, but casinos of all sizes are seeing that, far from pie-in-the-sky, facial recognition is now an attainable, reasonable way to take customer experiences to the next level, while also enhancing security. But beyond the “buzz” associated with this promising tool, it’s my belief that most in the industry have yet to completely understand its potential or how to use it to its full advantage.

As an active partner with many of the biggest names on The Strip, I believe we’re at the beginning of a very exciting and truly revolutionary time in the way the gaming industry collects and utilizes customer information and builds its customer loyalty for outstanding and more profitable futures.

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