Delivery Apps Sold Booze To Underage College Students In Boston: ABCC

BOSTON, MA — A Halloween weekend alcohol sting in Boston led state investigators to find that popular online delivery services were selling booze to minors, according to the state Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission.

Over the weekend, ABCC investigators found students in the Boston area ordering alcohol through DoorDash and Uber Eats, and then providing the delivery drivers with fake IDs.

“Students ordered and paid for the alcohol through the apps, after which the drivers picked up the alcohol from The Wild Duck liquor store and delivered it to the underage students,” the ABCC said in a news release.

The illicit liquor sales are part of a wider pattern this fall, ABCC said. Since Labor Day weekend, state investigators have found more than 300 minors either in possession of or transporting alcohol — plus 40 people over age 21 buying alcohol for minors. The state conducts the undercover investigations to prevent underage drinking deaths, either due to drunken driving or over-consumption.

“We want to draw attention and make sure that people are aware that underage drinking can have devastating consequences on them and those they love,” state Treasurer Deborah Goldberg said in a news release. “To prevent these situations and increase awareness, we are educating college students and their families, as well as proactively targeting specific events and time periods continuously throughout the year.”