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Customer Spotlight: KlaasKids National Search Center for Missing & Trafficked Children

National Nonprofit Uses VeriScan Online to Facilitate Volunteer Registration and Check-In in the Field

Read Time: 3 Min

Since 2003, the KlaasKids National Search Center for Missing & Trafficked Children (a nonprofit) manages and coordinates searches for missing and abducted children. One of KlaasKids services is to provide Search Management capabilities when someone goes missing. A Search Manager is assigned who will work directly with the family of the missing child, liaises with law enforcement and coordinates community volunteer efforts for the search. KlaasKids operates throughout the U.S. and never charges for its services.

When KlaasKids responds to a missing child call, they must immediately set up the Command structure which includes preparation for hundreds of concerned and engaged community volunteers who wish to aid in the search. The community volunteer registration and check-in process is a key first step that happens in the field. KlaasKids was looking for a solution that would remove bottle-necks in the registration process and allow them to do so faster, more efficiently and securely.

KlaasKids now utilizes IDScan.net’s VeriScan Online, along with mobile scanners and devices, to register all community volunteers. KlaasKids’ search staff scans the ID of every volunteer and utilizes VeriScan Online to capture each individual’s information and verify the validity of the ID. KlaasKids utilizes features in VeriScan online that compares the scanned ID to the states offender registry to aid law enforcement. The Veriscan systems also allows KlaasKids to provided the necessary detail reporting of volunteer searchers to law enforcement which is required.

A fast and rapid response time is of vital importance at the beginning a search for a missing child, and IDScan.net’s scanning solutions aid in starting the volunteer registration process. The ability to manage the volunteer registration and check-in process in the field provides maximum flexibility and mobility. Mobile scanners and mobile devices, both of which connect to IDScan.net’s VeriScan Online platform, provide KlaasKids with a solution to get volunteers into the field to search for the missing child.

Learn more about KlaasKids and their work at klaaskidssar.org