id scanning for covid 19

COVID-19 Testing and Vaccination Visitor Management Solutions

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we conduct business – espeically in the healthcare industry. Caring for patients requires more forethought and caution than ever before, so why not let’s technology handle some of the legwork?

How can help?

Increase Patient and Staff Satisfaction

Efficient and comprehensive hospital visitor management is more critical than ever. With our healthcare ID scanner and WizzForms software, you can:

  • Improve the intake process by populating data and images from driver’s licenses and ID cards in seconds with 100% accuracy
  • Validate visitor IDs and record visit information into your existing systems in a single, contactless step without disrupting existing records

You can even take advantage of our technology while the customer sits comfortably and safely in their own car. We’ve successfully created contactless ID scanning solutions for drive-up testing using our mobile scanners so that the ID can be scanned through the driver’s closed window. This eliminates the potential risk of transmission while allowing medical staff to collect 100% accurate information. 

Improve Facility Safety and Security

To improve upon your facility’s safety, you can also use our scanners and software to track visitors, manage access, and enforce protocols and compliance with one, contact-free ID swipe. More specifically, you can:

  • Create custom visitor management records, such as flags or age filters, for certain hospital areas, access historical information, and securely export visitor logs in seconds. 
  • Identify visitors, patients, and employees to control access at point-of-entry and easily print expiring badges
  • Enforce protocols while improving data accuracy and maintaining HIPAA compliance

How does it work?

Simply scan an ID to automatically populate patient or guest information into any necessary forms. This process eliminates human error, such as typos, and takes only seconds. Then the data is separated into useable fields and the form, EMR, or database is populated.

Our software seamlessly integrates with existing software which means you won’t lose your current records and there is no programming experience needed to set it up.

Additionally, businesses need accurate vaccine tracking if they want to limit access to only those who have had both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. has partnered with VAXSYS Technologies, Inc. to develop two contactless vaccine tracking software applications: an Enroller app for those administering the vaccines, and a Screener app for anyone requiring proof of vaccination.

The VAXSYS Universal Enroller App, downloaded onto an iOS or Android smartphone and requiring no other equipment, is mobile and available to be instantly and widely deployed. It can be used by medical facilities to ensure individuals receive both doses of the vaccine correctly and within the timeframe specific to each type of vaccine. The app will automatically create the necessary record then encrypt and store that record in a specified secure database. As an option, that encrypted record may also be encoded into an NFC smartcard, which is given to the vaccinated person. Biographic information is obtained touch-free from driver’s license or ID cards using scanning solutions. Medical facilities will then either tie the vaccination record to the patient’s ID or driver’s license or provide patients with an NFC smartcard-encrypted with the information.

Then, using the VAXSYS Universal Screener App on Android or iOS devices, organizations can use the device’s camera to scan the individual’s government-issued ID. The app will then interrogate the vaccination database to determine vaccination status. This screening is completely anonymous. The screener sees no biographic information and only a red or green screen to confirm they have received both doses of the vaccine before entering the premises or removing their mask. is proud to partner with VAXSYS to give businesses the tools to feel confident in safely opening their doors to those who have received the proper vaccinations. Additionally, our contactless healthcare ID scanner and WizzForms software are just what your hospital, urgent care, pharmacy, or medical office needs to keep your staff and patients safe, secure, and well accounted for.

Who is

We are a leading developer of identity verification and information-gathering technologies with a mission of creating a safer and smarter world. Thousands of organizations across the world—in every vertical sector—trust technology for their ID scanning needs. Our contactless solutions aid hospitals, healthcare facilities, pharmacies medical offices, and urgent care facilities to accurately gather patient information, improving visitor experience with streamlined intake and check-in, and improving hospital visitor management, facility safety, and security. Many are finding our technology especially useful during the COVID pandemic to easily collect, track, and maintain information. Our contactless solutions can be used to safely and securely manage visitors, with both desktop and mobile options available.

For more information, reach out to a representative for custom ID scanning solutions for your hospital, healthcare facility, or private practice at or 888.357.8530