Compliance for Cannabis Dispensaries

cannabis compliance

Compliance for Cannabis Dispensaries

Cannabis use is fully legal in 40% of states and recent sales in those states have skyrocketed. Many people are looking for alternative aids for anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and other ailments and the popularity of cannabis has increased as a result. Additionally, Delaware, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, New Mexico, and Virginia are all on their way to joining the club. Consequently, you may be thinking that now seems like a good time to get involved by opening your own cannabis dispensary. But do you know what it takes to avoid fraud and maintain compliance? 

Dispensary permits are only granted when the government can be sure that your business is in full compliance with all of its requirements. The list of requirements is long, specific, and varies by state, but one compulsion that every cannabis-legal state has in common is identity verification. It is incredibly important to maintain compliance in this area or you could risk losing your dispensary license, paying hefty fines, or even jail time.

When a customer comes to purchase cannabis from your shop, you have to be sure that they are who they say they are and that they are of legal purchasing age. Fake IDs have improved so much in recent years that it can be incredibly difficult to tell it’s a fake just by looking at it. Having a technological solution to this heavy issue can make all the difference and has just such an answer. Our dispensary ID scanner is contactless, helps you maintain compliance, and even improves customer experience.

Remaining as touch-free as possible is likely going to be a concern for quite some time and our scanner only requires that the customer hold out their ID. Then you use the scanner to read their ID and it never has to change hands. Then the age of the customer, expiration status of the card, and validity are verified. This information is all stored for easy access and transferred to the POS system for easy checkout. 

Using our scanner will help you to identify underage individuals posing fraudulently as legal buyers which is incredibly important as the legal burden of the sale of cannabis to an underage person often falls almost entirely on the dispensary. Scanning IDs will also make it easy to track daily maximum purchase amounts, as some states require, and to stop banned patrons from entering the premises in the future.

But the benefits of our scanner are not only for you as the business owner. Your customers will benefit as well. Customers will experience shorter wait times because of the automation of the check-in and form-filling processes and you can save their preferences and purchase history for their next visit. You can also look at all of your customers’ information to make demographic notes that will help with marketing. 

Additionally, offers easy online ID verification with similar advantages to in-person ID scanning. The customer simply takes a picture of the front and back of their ID and a selfie and our algorithms do the rest. We ensure that the document is legitimate and that they are who they say they are by comparing their selfie to the person on the ID, comparing their ID to our robust database of state ID and passport formats, and comparing the information contained in the barcode on their ID with the U.S. postal service’s database. Their information can be saved for fast checkout and you can rest assured that you’re maintaining compliance even in your online sales.  

Although every state has its own regulations on cannabis dispensaries, is the only identity verification company to be endorsed by a government entity. The state of Nevada has officially endorsed’s scanning solutions to be used in dispensaries. 

Take a good look at your state’s requirements for dispensaries and reach out to our team if you have any questions about our ID scanners or partnerships with dispensary-specific POS and ERP providers. Technology can make all the difference when it comes to fighting fraud and maintaining compliance. Put your mind at ease and take advantage of all of the benefits’s technologies can afford.