Technology Wards off Unwanted Visitors in Schools

Sex offenders? Not, in Woburn, Massachusetts. According to Daily Times Chronicle: Woburn, The Woburn School Board is taking extra precautions in preventing unwanted visitors on the school ground of Joyce Middle School. Eventually, the board plans to expand these security measures to all elementary schools in its district. What exactly is it that the schools in MA are doing to secure their school grounds? They are using ID scanning technology that scans a person’s driver’s license or any government issued ID. Once the ID is scanned, it is run against a database that screens for sex offenders and can also tag whether someone is a known gang member, in a custody battle, etc.


What is it that has prompted Woburn, Massachusetts and thousands of other schools throughout the country to take such action? This is probably due to the increase in violence in schools throughout the U.S. According to the CDC, 749,200 violent victimizations occurred at school in 2012. The numbers have only increased since then. While not all of this violence was induced from outside visitors, anyone trying to protect their school environment should take heed to the necessity of increasing school safety.


The National Crime Prevention Council suggests having a policy of “positive identification” using items such as badges to identify a permitted visitor. The technology that scans a person’s ID may be paired with a visitor badge that can be customized to identify what sort of visitor they are and how long their visit should last. This helps in the monitoring of visitor traffic and preventing unwanted incidents.


Whether you want to run background checks on visitors, is up to you, but at the very least, with the increase in litigiousness in the U.S., it is important that you protect yourself and your school. The knowledge that one would have to present their ID, minimizes the likeliness of them to commit a crime on campus. Please visit and see how’s  software, Wizz Forms, can help you control who steps foot on your campus. Don’t wait until a grave mistake ensues on your campus, act now!