Hotel Check in Welcome

Identity Verification For Hotels

Hospitality is a billion-dollar industry worldwide. Although COVID-19 put a halt on travel in 2020, it is expected to pick back up quickly over the coming year now that vaccinations are widely available. Read more

Detecting and Preventing Retail Fraud

Retail fraud comes in many different forms but spells only disaster for retailers. It has seen a large increase in recent years and retail fraud costs retailers tens of billions of dollars each year. And yes, that’s billions with a B.

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identity proofing

Types of Background Checks

Just about everyone has had some form of background check at some point. There are many different types of background checks. Each has its own purpose and some even have their own specific field. Read more

how to detect a fake id

How to Spot a Fake Military ID Card?

Today, it’s a relatively simple and quick process for college students or any minors to purchase fake IDs on the internet. Read more

IDWare Age Mobile DL and Passport

Mobile Age Verification

Age verification is a feature that more and more businesses are choosing to include in their mobile apps. In order to protect children from age-inappropriate materials and online content, businesses must be sure of who their customers and users are. Read more

How KYC Software is Transforming Banking

How KYC Software is Transforming Banking

What is KYC?

In the US, KYC in banking stands for “Know Your Customer” or “Know Your Client” and refers to the systems which a financial institution puts in place in order to protect itself from fraudulent activity. Read more

how accurate is facial recognition

Face Detection vs. Face Recognition vs. Face Verification

One of the fastest developing security technologies is face-detection-based software. Under the umbrella of face detection, we find face recognition as well as face verification and although these technologies’ names are often used interchangeably, they are all distinctly different in their capabilities and uses. All three are important tools in ensuring security and fraud prevention both in-person and digitally.

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hospital visitor management system

Hospital Visitor Management

Tracking visitors to medical facilities and in hospitals has always been an important part of facility operations. Read more

What’s the Best Scanner to Catch Fake IDs?

What’s the Best Scanner to Catch Fake IDs? Has your business recently been looking for the best ID scanner for finding fakes? If so, you and your business may have already started searching online for the scanner that matches your needs for catching those fakes.

gated community visitor management software

Visitor Management in Gated Communities

Guests, repairs, deliveries—no matter the reason for the visit, it is essential to know who someone is before you let them past the entrance. Security personnel and property owners alike can rely on the advanced technology of a visitor management system to increase security and streamline operations. Read more