Active RFID vs. Passive RFID

Active RFID vs. Passive RFID

What is RFID?

Radiofrequency identification, or RFID, is a technology that facilitates the reading and collecting of data via radio waves, as the name suggests. Either an active RFID tag or a passive RFID tag located on the item is read by a reader, sometimes called an interrogator, by way of its antenna. Smart labels may also be used as passive RFID tags. Read more

online id verification

The Importance of Digital Identity Verification

This is it. You’ve been waiting six months to see this band play and now here you are standing in line about to enter. Read more

Unitech MS852 and Zebra DS8178 Announces Two New Touch-Free ID Scanners

With ID scanning requirements evolving to meet limited contact standards and multi-purposed reading, is now offering new Zebra and Unitech Handheld scanners. Read more