Detecting and Preventing Retail Fraud

Retail fraud comes in many different forms but spells only disaster for retailers. It has seen a large increase in recent years and retail fraud costs retailers tens of billions of dollars each year. And yes, that’s billions with a B.

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identity proofing

Types of Background Checks

Just about everyone has had some form of background check at some point. There are many different types of background checks. Each has its own purpose and some even have their own specific field. Read more

identification vs authentication

Five Ways to Use Mobile ID Validation to Verify Identity and Onboard Customers

Mobile ID validation lets your users register from mobile devices

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Identity Validation for Online Schools

When 2020 got off to a rocky start with COVID-19, many of us thought that online schooling was going to be a temporary solution to a temporary problem. Read more


IRT1 Temperature Scanner is Now Integrated with VeriScan Software

You’re now able to keep a record of visitors’ temperatures directly in our VeriScan Software to track temperatures over time.

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Unitech MS852 and Zebra DS8178 Announces Two New Touch-Free ID Scanners

With ID scanning requirements evolving to meet limited contact standards and multi-purposed reading, is now offering new Zebra and Unitech Handheld scanners. Read more

Four No-Contact Ways to Scan an ID

Visitor Management and Guest Tracking  without Spreading Coronavirus
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The Many Layers of ID Validation

How Our Technology Puts IDs Through Various Tests

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