Man Busted for Using Fake ID at Phone Store

Man uses a Fake ID to make a Phone Purchase

Another instance of retail fraud accompanied by a fake ID was reported in Canada last Sunday.  Police were called to a cellphone store on Holiday Drive Saturday afternoon when a Toronto man tried to purchase in iPhone using fraudulent identification.  This is a trend that we are seeing more and more often with people attempting to use a stolen credit card to purchase goods.

We warn all of our customers to please be vigilant about checking IDs upon checkout.  We are working diligently to reduce the amount of retail fraud that occurs through the US and Canada by equipping businesses with the ID scanning tools to identify fake IDs used in these types of transactions.  Luckily in this situation, the man was remanded, and will face criminal charges.

To read more, check out the article on the Brantford Expositor website.

Ohio Real ID

Ohio Refuses to Enforce REAL ID Standards

In April, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) reportedly will begin enforcing the REAL ID Act, a measure requiring Americans to produce federal government-approved identification upon demand.  In order to ensure that all Americans carry the national ID card, the REAL ID Act establishes standards for driver’s licenses that must be met by states.  However, Ohio has now backed out of the REAL ID program.




Iowa Driver's License

Driver’s licenses to last longer

Plymouth County drivers renewing their licenses after Wednesday, Jan. 1 may not have to return in five years.  New legislation allows the Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) to transition from five-year driver’s licenses to eight-year licenses, according to a press release.