iPhone Purchasing Scam

In Salt Lake City, Utah two people were arrested for using fake IDs to obtain discounts on purchasing Apple products.

William Torres and Kayla Nunez were using someone else’s Apple account to create new lines and obtain a significant discount on buying a phone.  They used fake IDs to pose as each person and it is estimated that they’ve caused a combined loss of $8,536 for Apple.

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To read the entire story, please visit Desert News.

Will Weatherford

House Speaker Will Weatherford’s Bill will make it easier for suspended drivers to get their licenses back

In the hopes of reducing the amount of suspended licenses in Florida, Senator Will Weatherford (R-Wesley Chapel) added the amendment SB 1272 to an omnibus transportation bill.

Similar to amendment HB 1181, which was sponsored by Majority Whip Dana Young of Tampa, Sen. Weatherford’s bill will make it easier for drivers to get their licenses back who have had them suspended for non-driving related incidents.  Specifically, they will be allowed to receive a restricted license, thus allowing them to travel to and from work only.  Additionally, first-time offenders of writing a worthless check will no longer automatically receive a suspension, and drug offenders will have the length of their suspension reduce from two to one years.

Weatherford believes that the 1.3 million licenses suspended or revoked during the last fiscal year should be reduced, so people can continue going to work and supporting their families.  He believes that driver’s license suspensions have become a form of punishment that is often not even related to driving incidents.

To read the full story, visit The Florida Current’s website.

Florida driver's license

Florida driver’s license problem

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) mistakenly sent several driver’s license suspensions to motorists without any issues.  If a driver received a notice, the DHSMV insists that they first check the status of their license through the DHSMV website.  This only applies to people who received a driver’s license suspension notice after March 31, 2014.

To read more, please visit the Fox 4 website.

Identity Theft

Man uses fake ID to obtain $9,000 car loan

Police in Columbus, Ohio are on the search for a man who used false identification to obtain a car loan.  The man used a fraudulent bill of sale from Alabama at a credit union to obtain a vehicle loan valued at $9,262.  He used proof of residency and the information from an employer, but police later found that the man’s address and employment information was false.

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To read the full article, please go to the Ledger-Enquirer at this link: http://www.ledger-enquirer.com/2014/04/05/3042169/man-uses-fake-id-to-obtain-9000.html?sp=/99/164/#storylink=cpy



Chino Police Department

Chino police to conduct DUI/driver’s license checkpoint

The Chino Police Department is planning to conduct a DUI and driver’s license checkpoint at 8pm this Friday through Saturday morning where a large amount of DUI-related collisions have occurred.

Drivers will be stopped by officers looking for signs of substance-induced impairment.  Punishment in the form of jail time, license suspension, insurance increases and fines, DUI classes, court probation, and other expenses can be expected.

It is important to keep those under the influence off the streets and bring awareness to the community about impaired driving.

To read the full article, visit the Daily Bulletin’s website.

hawaii driver's license

Hawaii Driver’s License Discrimination Case

A lawsuit filed last year in Hawaii by Faith Action for Community Equity is starting to gain traction.  The lawsuit claims that driver’s license exams discriminate against those whose first language isn’t English.  This week, the US Department of Justice announced its support of the lawsuit by stating that the exam should be offered in multiple languages.  Offering the exam in multiple languages would provide much needed aid to many Hawaii residents who would have better access to employment, education, and healthcare as a result of the change.

To read the full article, click this link from the Washington Times.

Illinois Bill

Bill would end driver’s license forfeiture

A new bill proposed in Illinois by state Senator Michael Noland would remove the necessity for driver’s to give up their license when issued a ticket.  Currently, the system requires anyone who receives a ticket to give their license over as a means of incentivizing people to show up for their court date.  However, this causes a huge nuisance when people are traveling, checking into a hotel, buying medicine, etc.

The new bill relies on a written agreement that the offender will sign, thus promising to show up in court or pay the fine on time.  If people still don’t show up for their court date, the court will have the power to suspend your license.

To read the full article, please visit The Daily Herald’s website.

NY driver's license

21 People Indicted For Connection To Commercial Driver’s License Cheating Conspiracy

In Albany, NY, 21 people were indicted for cheating on their driver’s license exam.  The defendants were accused of paying thousands of dollars to people for them to take their Commercial Driver’s License written exams.

Charges include offering a false instrument for filing in the first degree (class E felony) and false statements, alteration of records, or substitution in connection with an examination (misdemeanor).  To read the full article, click this link from VINNews.com.

Wanted man trieds to use fake id

Wanted man tries to cash in casino winnings with fake ID

Ray Maestas attempted to cash in his winnings at a casino using a fake ID.  Maestas had three separate felony warrants out for his arrest, and will finally face trial on Saturday morning.

Police were finally able to put Maestas behind bars by scanning his driver’s license and discovering it was fake.  Police immediately ran several background checks on Maestas, and discovered his past criminal history.  It was also reported that Ray Maestas also had a bag of morphine in powder form in his pocket when arrested.

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