Gaming Industry

ID Scanning for the Gaming Industry

How ID Scanning is Improving the way Casinos Operate

Read more and Panasonic Announce First-Ever Handheld Passport Scanner Partners with Panasonic to Provide a Complete Handheld Passport and ID Scanning Solution

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visitor management

Visitor Management with the Scan of an ID

Secure Visitor Management with ID Scanning

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Nightclub and Bar

ID Scanning for Bar and Nightclub Owners

How ID Scanning Helps Improve Nightclub and Bar Operations

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shooting range

ID Scanning for shooting ranges

How ID scanning can help streamline your shooting range operations

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Membership Card

VeriScan Online Membership Card Product Enhancement Unveils VeriScan Online Membership Card Product Enhancement

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ID Scanning for retailers

ID Scanning Solutions for Retailers

ID Scanning is improving the way retailers do business.

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