California Set to Release Digital ID Pilot

California is set to release another new ID pilot, this time in the form of a digital ID. A lot is still unclear about the specifics but we do know a few things. First and most importantly, nobody will be forced into participation in this pilot program. Volunteers will be included in the trial, and only 0.5% of California’s licensed drivers will be allowed to participate. The hopeful start date is 2023, but there has been no official timeline mentioned as of yet. 

The exciting new features of this ID type include the ability to pick and choose which bits of your personal information you share based on what is needed at your location. In the past, you just had to hand over your entire ID and trust that someone isn’t going to steal other pertinent information from it upon checking it, but now Californians will have the upper hand. Based on the venue, you select what information you want shown, and only the required information will be displayed to the individual scanning.

Stay tuned for more information, hopefully coming soon, on the highly anticipated California Digital ID Pilot Program.