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9 Steps to Optimize Your Wi-Fi Connection

More and more of our customer base are making the transition to a cloud-based ID Scanning solution. With this transition from localized basic ID scanning to server-side ID verification and data capture, some customers are experiencing issues with their Wi-Fi connection causing inconsistent scan times. We recommend troubleshooting using the following steps. 1. Restart the […]

WizzForms Now Supports Remote Desktop Access

IDScan.net is proud to announce that WizzForms now supports remote desktop functionality.   Our customers asked for the capability to use WizzForms with their own server-based applications and through Windows remote desktop this is now possible.  This has many benefits for data capture projects in that it allows you to centralize information capture from multiple locations […]

The Pocket Singularity: the Emergence of a Phone-ID Union

We’re doing more and more things with our smartphones.  With Apple Pay and Google Wallet, the traditional leather wallet already seems antiquated when stacked against the convenience of a mobile payment solution. So why not use them to store our driver’s license? Motorists in Iowa may be among the first in the nation to be able […]

Liquor Liability Insurance and ID Scanning Solutions: How to Cut Cost by Managing Risk

If your business sells, serves, or allows any alcoholic beverages to be consumed at your establishment, Liquor Liability protects you should your clients or patrons sue your business for damages related to their intoxication. Food service businesses with Liquor Liability Insurance have coverage for the costs of liquor-related injuries, assaults, or accidents that occur on […]

5 Ways ID Scanning Solutions Help Prevent Chargebacks at your Club

The story is always the same.  A patron comes into your club, spends a lot of money, and a week later you receive a chargeback from their credit card company.   This is the result of something called “buyer’s remorse” and it affects thousands of businesses all over the country on a weekly basis. Buyer’s remorse […]

IDScan.net Provides Oil Refinery Giant with Visitor Management Solution

IDScan.net recently provided an oil refinery giant with new visitor management solution to facilitate their automated entry process.  The solution is kiosk-based and requires no supervisor or manual oversight.  Everything from entry request to database checking to badge printing is automated. The refinery deployed this solution to six entry points at their facility, so that they are […]

Nevada Supporting Two ID Types, One REAL

In the latest news involving the enactment of the REAL ID act, drivers in Nevada are having difficulty using certain IDs for activities like entering a courthouse or receiving access to Federal property, and for some, such as lawyers, this is problematic. The issue involves Nevada’s choice to adopt the REAL ID but maintain its […]

Tropical Isle, Home of the Hand Grenade, Deploys ID Scanners

Tropical Isle ® adopted a complete ID scanning solution this past Tuesday for all five of its locations in the New Orleans metropolitan area.  The comprehensive solution is aimed to both validate customers’ IDs as they enter the clubs and then retain records of said validation to eliminate risk and liability as well as adhere […]

KOAMTAC releases KDC500 Chip and Pin Scanner

“KOAMTAC has built a complete Bluetooth barcode data companion portfolio over the last 10 years, and continues to provide the most compact, power efficient devices on the market,” stated Dr. Hanjin Lee, President and CEO of KOAMTAC. KOAMTAC’s new device, the KDC500, is the latest in the long-standing line of pocket sized bluetooth barcode scanners. The […]