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ID Scanning for the Gaming Industry

How ID Scanning is Improving the way Casinos Operate Read Time: 2 min.   “The only Authorized ID scanning supplier for gaming, age verification, fraud reduction and data automation for the North American Gaming Industry” –2016 Buyers Guide and Directory for the North American Gaming Industry.   The gaming industry depends on providing its customers with […]

IDScan.net and Panasonic Announce First-Ever Handheld Passport Scanner

IDScan.net Partners with Panasonic to Provide a Complete Handheld Passport and ID Scanning Solution     NEW ORLEANS (PRWEB) APRIL 03, 2018 IDScan.net, the first company to market with mobile ID scanning capabilities nearly a decade ago, has partnered with Panasonic to offer the first-ever handheld solution for reading Machine Readable Zone (MRZ), allowing organizations to […]

ID Scan Visitor Management

Secure Visitor Management with ID Scanning Read Time: 3 min.   IDScan.net’s visitor management software, VeriScan,  is versatile, easy to use, and ideal for any business trying to secure and streamline their visitor management process. Gated communities, schools, busy office buildings and even correctional facilities can all benefit from incorporating the software into their daily […]

ID Scanning for Bar and Nightclub Owners

How ID Scanning Helps Improve Nightclub and Bar Operations Read Time: 3 Min.   As ID scanning technology continues to expand, so do the industries using its versatile application. Establishments that rely on verifying age and ID validation like nightclubs and bars have the most to gain from incorporating IDScan.net’s ID scanning software into their […]

ID Scanning for the Hospitality Industy

Read Time:  2 min.   ID Scanning is increasingly being utilized throughout many industries to not only heighten security but also improve business operations, and the hospitality industry, specifically hotels and motels are no exception. Automating data capture with ID scanning will simultaneously increase staff productivity, optimize operational efficiency, streamline your visitor management and increase […]

ID Scanning for shooting ranges

How ID scanning can help streamline your shooting range operations Read Time: 4 min.   ID Scanning in today’s world is becoming more and more prevalent. Retailers of all kinds are finding that incorporating ID scanning helps streamline business operations, improve customer experience and reduce fraud.  Businesses that require membership forms or waivers, like shooting […]

IDScan.net’s Facial Recognition Solutions

Facial Recognition for Businesses  Read Time: 3 min. By 2019, it is expected that facial recognition will be an $8 billion market, and one that will continue to quickly expand.  Businesses have already begun to incorporate facial biometrics to gather demographic data, improve safety and customer experience and reduce fraud. Unfortunately, these kinds of technologies […]

VeriScan Online Membership Card Product Enhancement

Read Time: 1 minute IDScan.net Unveils VeriScan Online Membership Card Product Enhancement   VeriScan Online has been helping businesses increase productivity with its quality ID scanning technology that automates data capture, streamlines visitor management, enhances security, and optimizes operational efficiency. Now, IDScan.net has introduced a product enhancement that allows users to download a membership card template […]

ID Scanning Solutions for Retailers

ID Scanning is improving the way retailers do business. Read  Time: 3 minutes With so many options out there, many consumers are choosing to give their business to companies that are making customer experience and satisfaction their top priority. Companies like Amazon and Apple have responded in turn and are leading the retail world by […]

IDScan.net Solution Tops Retail Tech Trends for 2018

Leading ID scanning solution prevents fraud and improves customer experience. With the New Year approaching, IDScan.net’s suite of solutions tops the list of technologies that retailers should be considering for 2018. Relied upon by some of the largest in the United States, the fully customizable ID scanning solutions allow retailers to prevent fraud while improving […]