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Keep fraudsters out with advanced an anti-spoofing SDK that stops print attacks, replay attacks, and even 3D mask attacks – keeping your business secure from sophisticated scammers.

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Types of Anti-Spoofing

Facial recognition is quickly becoming the leading biometric identification tool because of its ease, security, and reliability. But bad actors have already found ways around it.

What is a print attack?

The attacker uses a printed photo. They hold the printed photo of another individual up to a camera to try and trick the facial recognition tool.

Anti Spoofing Facial Recognition SDK

What is a Replay/Video Attack?

More sophisticated than a print attack, a video attack tries to bypass liveness checks by using a video instead of a photo. The video is then held up to the camera to simulate a real person. This approach ensures behavior and facial movements look natural. This attack may use deepfakes to pose as another individual.

What is a 3D mask attack?

A 3D mask is the most sophisticated type of attack, and actually requires a printed 3D mask that the attacker wears over their own face. It can simulate the natural movement and lighting of a real person. But don’t worry, our SDK can detect 3D mask attacks.

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What Information Does Our Facial Recognition Detect?

Our facial recognition SDK for Java/Linux doesn’t just match a face to a photo. It can also detect emotion, age, gender, and a variety of other attributes that are valuable for businesses to capture. Set custom alerts based on face attributes.

Age Estimate
Age Group (Young, Middle Age, Old)
Cosmetic Enhancements
Emotion (Happy, Neutral, Angry, Surprise)
Image Quality
Lighting Quality
Visual Noise
Match Score

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anti-spoofing be implemented using a camera on a mobile device?

Yes. Our anti-spoofing works on mobile camera for remote onboarding and identity verification.

Can anti-spoofing be used for age verification?

Yes. Our anti-spoofing SDK is used in unattended retail situations to ensure the purchaser is of age and is using their own ID for the purchase of age-restricted products.

What are the images requirements when creating templates from uploaded photos?

  • No more than 1500px (width or height)
  • Resolution no less than 96dpi (150 dpi recommended)
  • JPEG compression is no more than 15%
  • Supported file types: JPEG, PNG
  • File or packet size less than 300kb

How is use of the anti-spoofing SDK priced? charges based on the number of devices that will be detecting faces (cameras, mobile devices) and/or the number of face templates you plan to store. Feel free to contact us at (504) 434-0222 to discuss your use case and get a price estimate.

Does this SDK include liveness checks?

If you are looking to integrate liveness checks such as commands to move the head or smile, these come standard inside our Age Restricted Vending product.

Facial Recognition SDKs

We offer facial recognition SDKs for Windows / .Net and Java / Linux.

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