Age Verification


Identify and stop underage patrons at point-of-purchase or point-of-entry using an ID scanner to perform accurate age verification.

Age Verification Process

With the simple scan of any government-issued ID or passport, VeriScan instantly and simultaneously verifies patron’s age, validates their ID, and captures their personal information to create or update a record in your visitor management database.

Learn more about the best ID scanners for catching fake IDs.

Benefits of Age Verification Software

Your license relies on ensuring that guests below the legal limit (18, 21) are not allowed to enter the premises or purchase age-restricted products.

Age Verification Software Features

All licenses come with ID scanning, access to a robust visitor management system, and demographic reporting.

Check for expired IDs and drivers licenses
Scan 2D barcodes (PDF417) all government issued IDs and passports
Verify age with ID or passport scan
Set age threshold (18+, 21+) for pass threshold
Sync profiles and scans between multiple ID scanning devices
Scan IDs without WiFi access
Create and manage custom lists (banned, underage, etc.)
Set up notifications via email or SMS
Integrate third party checks (Sex Offender, DMV, OFAC, etc.)
Capture photos of the ID or cropped ID image (Image Sync)
Access webhooks for integration into your other technology systems
Create custom fields for your visitor profiles
Catch up to 95% of fake IDs✓*
UV, IR, white light scanning to authenticate ID✓*
Check IDs against watermark & hologram libraries✓*
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Bars & Nightclubs

Eliminate hassles, improve security, and increase compliance by scanning IDs at point-of-entry with our age verification scanner.

  • Quickly and reliably verify the age of guests before they enter premises
  • Detect and catch fake IDs and suspicious IDs
  • Instantly determine if an ID is expired
  • Collect guest’s information, classify guests as VIPs or banned, and immediately be alerted when they arrive
  • Sync visitor data and lists between multiple entrances
  • Export records of every ID scanned

Age Verification Hardware & Software

We offer the largest inventory of age verification devices in the US with free, same-day shipping so you can be scanning IDs in as little as 48 hours.

Zebra TC210 ID Scanner Scanning ID

Mobile Age Verification

Scan IDs using a rugged, handheld device with age verification device with software pre-installed. Up to 8 hours of battery life.

ID Authentication

Catch 95% of fake IDs by using a forensic document reader which can perform hundreds of checks to detect suspicious IDs.

Countertop Age Verification

Utilize the IDWare Falcon with a countertop stand to create self-service age verification machine for self-service, contactless ID scanning.

Tobacco, Vape, and eCigarette Sales

Retailers who sell age-restricted products such as alcohol, cannabis, CBD, tobacco, or firearms can eliminate hassles and increase compliance by scanning IDs at point-of-purchase with our age verification scanner.

  • Scan IDs at point-of-purchase including deliveries
  • Instantly verify age and catch fake IDs
  • Export records to easily prove compliance with laws such as Nevada AB360
Fake ID Detection Popup

Detecting Fake IDs

Our age verification software can be configured to detect up to 95% of fake IDs when paired with. the appropriate ID scanner. Here’s how:

How common are fake IDs?

In a recent review of anonymized data across our customer base we determined that between 0.7% and 4% of IDs presented for the purchase of age restricted products show signs of being fraudulent. Age verification software is the ideal way to combat the use of fake IDs.

2D Barcode Security Checks

ID scanners use the 2D barcode to capture, parse, and read the PII stored on the ID. This includes fields such as first name, last name, address, and date of birth. Many fake IDs contain “tells” that indicate they are fraudulent within the 2D barcode. These can be incorrectly formatted fields, fields which don’t use known values (example: using “Brown” instead of “BRN” for eye color), or fields which don’t conform to the state template.

Our AI performs more than 75 algorithmic checks on each 2D barcode you scan, and can, within seconds, identify IDs which have 2D barcode anomalies.

ID Authentication

Many sophisticated fake IDs do not contain anomalies in the 2D barcode, and will pass basic barcode security checks.

To catch 95%+ of fake IDs and perform true ID authentication, you will need to use a scanner that can perform:

  • White light scanning
  • UV light scanning
  • Infrared light scanning
  • 6-image comparison
  • Front/back matching (camera uses OCR to compare the text on the front of the ID to the information in the 2D barcode)
  • Hologram checks
  • Watermark checks

These checks can all be performed simultaneously, and can tell within seconds if an ID is legitimate.

Cannabis Dispensaries

Cannabis retailers, dispensaries, and delivery services, are subject to strict compliance regulations meant to keep THC products out of the hands of minors.

  • Scan IDs and instantly parse data into your cannabis POS such as Dutchie, LeafLogix, Blaze, Flowhub, Sweed, etc.
  • Detect fake IDs with ID authentication
  • Manage compliance settings at the account level to easily meet state regulatory board requirements across every jurisdiction.

Built For Your Industry

Our Age Verification solution is ideal for bars, nightclubs, retailers, dispensaries and other establishments that sell or provide age-restricted products or services.

Need to verify age remotely?

Easily integrate our digital identity verification API into your onboarding or checkout workflow. The DIVE API walks customers through the process of remote ID validation, identity proofing via guided selfie check, and can verify remotely in <30 seconds. 

Perfect for social media or application age verification, and confirming customer age before online checkout on sale of age restricted products.

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Age Verification Apps for iOS and Android

Download our easy-to-use mobile applications available on iOS and Android. Note – specialty hardware is required for best-in-class fake ID detection.

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The Latest Age Verification News

The latest updates related to ID scanning and age verification. We monitor the constantly changing legal landscape to ensure our customers remain compliant.