Missouri State Capitol

Missouri House passes drivers’ license renewal change

A new legislation bill has passed in Missouri that eliminates the need for Missouri drivers to show their birth certificates when renewing their licenses.  The only time that proof of lawful residence and citizenship would be required is if there is a reasonable belief of fraud. To read more, click this link from the Springfield News-Leader.

Chino Police Department

Chino police to conduct DUI/driver’s license checkpoint

The Chino Police Department is planning to conduct a DUI and driver’s license checkpoint at 8pm this Friday through Saturday morning where a large amount of DUI-related collisions have occurred. Drivers will be stopped by officers looking for signs of substance-induced impairment.  Punishment in the form of jail time, license suspension, insurance increases and fines, […]

hawaii driver's license

Hawaii Driver’s License Discrimination Case

A lawsuit filed last year in Hawaii by Faith Action for Community Equity is starting to gain traction.  The lawsuit claims that driver’s license exams discriminate against those whose first language isn’t English.  This week, the US Department of Justice announced its support of the lawsuit by stating that the exam should be offered in multiple […]

Illinois Bill

Bill would end driver’s license forfeiture

A new bill proposed in Illinois by state Senator Michael Noland would remove the necessity for driver’s to give up their license when issued a ticket.  Currently, the system requires anyone who receives a ticket to give their license over as a means of incentivizing people to show up for their court date.  However, this causes […]

NY driver's license

21 People Indicted For Connection To Commercial Driver’s License Cheating Conspiracy

In Albany, NY, 21 people were indicted for cheating on their driver’s license exam.  The defendants were accused of paying thousands of dollars to people for them to take their Commercial Driver’s License written exams. Charges include offering a false instrument for filing in the first degree (class E felony) and false statements, alteration of records, […]