Man Selling Fake IDs

Man Arrested for Creating Fake Documents for Illegal Immigrants

In Arizona, A man named Gustavo Carranza-Villa was arrested for manufacturing and distributing falsified government documents. It was discovered that Carranza-Villa was creating fake permanent resident alien ID cards and Social Security cards and selling them to illegal immigrants to help them get a job.  When caught, police found a printer, card stock, printer ribbons, […]

Will Weatherford

House Speaker Will Weatherford’s Bill will make it easier for suspended drivers to get their licenses back

In the hopes of reducing the amount of suspended licenses in Florida, Senator Will Weatherford (R-Wesley Chapel) added the amendment SB 1272 to an omnibus transportation bill. Similar to amendment HB 1181, which was sponsored by Majority Whip Dana Young of Tampa, Sen. Weatherford’s bill will make it easier for drivers to get their licenses […]

Florida driver's license

Florida driver’s license problem

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) mistakenly sent several driver’s license suspensions to motorists without any issues.  If a driver received a notice, the DHSMV insists that they first check the status of their license through the DHSMV website.  This only applies to people who received a driver’s license suspension notice […]

Identity Theft

Man uses fake ID to obtain $9,000 car loan

Police in Columbus, Ohio are on the search for a man who used false identification to obtain a car loan.  The man used a fraudulent bill of sale from Alabama at a credit union to obtain a vehicle loan valued at $9,262.  He used proof of residency and the information from an employer, but police […]

Missouri State Capitol

Missouri House passes drivers’ license renewal change

A new legislation bill has passed in Missouri that eliminates the need for Missouri drivers to show their birth certificates when renewing their licenses.  The only time that proof of lawful residence and citizenship would be required is if there is a reasonable belief of fraud. To read more, click this link from the Springfield News-Leader.