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Face Detection vs. Face Recognition vs. Face Verification

One of the fastest developing security technologies is face-detection-based software. Under the umbrella of face detection, we find face recognition as well as face verification and although these technologies’ names are often used interchangeably, they are all distinctly different in their capabilities and uses. All three are important tools in ensuring security and fraud prevention both in-person and digitally.

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Methods of Digital Identity Verification

In the age of digital platforms, it can be tricky to conduct proper identity verification while maintaining a streamlined customer experience. Read more

Active RFID vs. Passive RFID

Active RFID vs. Passive RFID

What is RFID?

Radiofrequency identification, or RFID, is a technology that facilitates the reading and collecting of data via radio waves, as the name suggests. Either an active RFID tag or a passive RFID tag located on the item is read by a reader, sometimes called an interrogator, by way of its antenna. Smart labels may also be used as passive RFID tags. Read more

The New Normal for Bars and Nightclubs

How to ensure a safe reopening

Safe reopenings and adapting to the new normal are essential to bars and nightclubs recovering from the global pandemic. Read more

online id verification

The Importance of Digital Identity Verification

This is it. You’ve been waiting six months to see this band play and now here you are standing in line about to enter. Read more