Visitor Management in Secure Facilities

Visitor Management in Secure Facilities

Managing visitors is essential for any business’s operation. recognizes that visitor management systems, in addition to tracking visitor occupancy, help enforce protocols and compliance, protect people and assets, safeguard against nuisance, and enhance the guest experience. Read more


KYC and AML Compliance

If you’re a banker or a financial industry decision-maker, you already understand how much due diligence is required to keep the business safe and operational. Read more Hiring Spree

New employees fill needs in multiple departments as the company continues to grow

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anti spoofing face recognition

Facial Recognition Anti-Spoofing

Facial recognition technology is leading the charge in improving cybersecurity measures. The ability to verify a person’s identity from an image or video creates opportunities for businesses to use software and apps like never before. Read more

Visitor Management in Casinos

With visitor management tools in place, your casino will only be more secure and safe for both your staff and the customers you serve. Read more