Digital fingerprint scanner

A Guide to .EFT File Creation and Submission

In today’s security-conscious world, agencies such as the FBI and ATF are conducting rigorous background checks. But gone are the days of ink fingerprints. Organizations are now relying on digital fingerprints.

.EFT (electronic fingerprint transmission) files are digital files that contain fingerprint information securely. Additionally, they contain demographic information. It is a standard used by the FBI for digital fingerprints as well as the ATF eForm 4 tax stamp application. 

How to create an .EFT file

  1. Turn on your live scan fingerprinting equipment. The live scan fingerprinting software should be installed on your computer. 
  2. You will find an option to start a new scan, which may be an on-screen button.
  3. Your live scan software will open a new screen which will prompt you to provide applicant demographic data.
  4. Collect the fingerprints digitally using a live scan device or fingerprint card conversion tool. 
  5. Package all of the data into an EFT file using the correct Type of Transaction (TOT) according to the specification being used.

Biometric .EFT file format follows the technical specifications developed by the FBI criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS). 

Hardware required for .EFT file creation

To create an .EFT file you will need a 10-print roll scanner that has been certified by the FBI for creation of approved roll-prints. These include:

Who uses and submits .EFT files

  • Gun shops
  • Law enforcement agencies

Benefits of .EFT fingerprint files 

By submitting fingerprints with a valid .EFT file, you will avoid fingerprinting errors. Wait times for processing applications can be reduced from four to six months to as fast as 90 days. .EFTs also aid law enforcement agencies in solving crimes and locating missing persons. Additionally, .EFTs can help prevent identity theft. 

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