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5 Applications for ID Scanning in a Retail Environment

Retailers utilize ID scanning technology in a variety of ways

Read Time: 2 Min offers ID scanning solutions for a wide variety of industries, and the industries we serve have found equally wide range of uses for our technology.  While the uses of ID scanning vary, our technology can generally be broken into two categories: 1) ID parsing and 2) ID validation.’s technology allows our customers to scan government-issued IDs—including driver’s licenses, military IDs, and passports—to automate data collection and verify the ID is real.

As we prepare for Retail’s Big Show next week in New York, we thought we’d take the opportunity to look at ways in which our retail clients use ID scanning technology. Our customers utilize our technology in the following ways, through our off-the-shelf solutions and integrating our software into their systems.

Loyalty Card Enrollment

When enrolling customers into a loyalty program, the last thing you want is to have inaccurate information. Statistically, 2.88% of all keystrokes are erroneous, so if your customers or your staff input customer information manually, your data will include undetected errors. Not to mention, scanning an ID collects customer data in less than one second, so the process is a lot faster than manual entry, too.

Credit Card Applications

With ID scanning solutions like those offered by, retailers can validate the IDs of customers applying for a credit card. ID scanning allows you not only to automatically collect the customer’s information, but you can also confirm the ID is real, verify age, and perform identity validation. All while meeting KYC requirements.


ID scanning has many uses at the time or purchase. If you you need to verify age for a purchase such as alcohol or tobacco, ID scanning can help. A high percentage of fraudulent transactions are caused by individuals using fake IDs to complete these transactions. If a customer is paying by credit card or check, scanning their ID can catch fakes and prevent fraudulent transactions.


When issuing refunds, you likely want to confirm that the initial purchase was made by the individual looking to make the return. By using ID scanning with your point of sale system, you can track a customer’s purchase history and ensure that the return is not fraudulent.

Ship-to-Store Pick-Up

As more customers make purchases online for in-store pick-up, it is important to make sure you are giving the order to the customer who made the purchase and that the purchase was legitimate. Retailers can scan a customer’s ID who is making the in-store pickup to validate the ID as real and ensure the customer is the one who made the purchase online.

To learn more about ID scanning for retailers, click here or contact Debi Scott,’s Director of Enterprise Solutions.

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