Secure Visitor Management System

4 Ways ID Scanning is Crucial to a Secure Visitor Management System

A Secure Visitor Management Process May Occur Before the Visitor Sets Foot in the Building.

With ID scanning solutions such as’s VeriScan or VeriScan Online, facility personnel can create and send a visit request to a security director with an electronic request form. This form includes such information as the start of the visit, the host’s name, the visitor’s name and other pertinent information. Once the request is submitted, the security director can decide whether or not that individual is automatically approved for the visitor queue or requires further authorization. The scheduled visits can then be viewed by the appropriate security personnel. On the day of the visit, security staff can scan the visitor’s ID. In less than 1 second, the necessary information is captured and a self-expiring visitor badge can be produced. A text or email can also be sent to the appropriate personnel upon the scan of a visitor’s ID. This is the first step to a secure visitor management system.

Biometrics Can Be Used in Conjunction with ID Scanning.’s latest mobile facial recognition solution ensures that an individual’s face matches the face on their ID. Be sure to ask for a demo at ASIS this year to see it in action! There are also other biometric add-ons that can be incorporated such as fingerprint scanning.

A Higher Level of Identity Validation Can Be Necessary.

If security personnel wants to add another layer of security to their visitor management system, they can utilize’s background check services. The results from these checks appear in just a few seconds.  If a company has their own subscription to a background service,’s solutions can also run a visitor’s ID against that list to return instantaneous results. In addition, some facilities have internal watch lists such as “Banned” visitors. These lists can be imported into ID scanning applications such as VeriScan Online so when their ID is scanned, it will pop up that they are Banned even if their ID has never been scanned at that particular site. This added layer of security helps keep facilities even more protected and ensures a secure visitor management system.

Easily Access Visitor Records.’s visitor management applications make it easy for security personnel to access and share scanned data. Users can access visitor records from multiple sites remotely and search by name, location, date and time and more. They can easily share this information with others when needed with the click of a button. If your facility requires visitors to sign a visitor agreement or waiver, it will automatically be saved, stored and linked to that individual’s record. 

Security companies across the globe are using ID scanning to enhance security and streamline visitor management. If you are not taking advantage of the benefits of ID scanning, you are much more vulnerable to outside threats.

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