2023 Fake ID Report

Download the latest news, trends, and statistics related to fake ID usage in the United States, and learn how to better protect your business from the risks associated with serving minors.

The Fake ID Epidemic

For the first time ever we’re sharing learnings and insights around fake ID usage from anonymized data across our participating client base.

  • How often you can expect to encounter fake IDs based on your business type
  • Fake ID usage statistics by gender, age, and more
  • The business and societal impacts of minor usage of fake IDs
  • Bars & businesses that closed in 2022 because of failure to detect fake IDs

More Fake ID Resources

Valuable resources to help your business combat fake and suspicious IDs.

ID authentication

ID Authentication

What is ID authentication? Learn how ID authentication can detect up to 95% of fake IDs using UV/Infrared/White Light Scanning, and checks against hologram and watermark libraries.

How Common Are Fake IDs

Read our blog post and infographics summarizing important statistics about the prevalence of fake IDs amongst underage individuals.

ID Scanning Laws

Use our free database of all relevant ID scanning laws and regulations pertaining to parsing of data stored on an ID.

With the simple scan of any government-issued ID or passport, VeriScan instantly and simultaneously verifies patron’s age, validates their ID, and captures their personal information to create or update a record in your visitor management database.

Learn more about the best ID scanners for catching fake IDs.