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4 WAYS ID Scanning Helps Shooting Ranges Boost Profits

  1. Obtain renter demographic information in less than 1 second with the scan of their ID
  2. Easily upsell customers by categorizing members and non members as well as amount of time they rent range
  3. Have renter sign customizable liability waiver which is automatically tied to their file
  4. Easily pull up renter information with timestamp and image of ID and credit card

Tenant Onboarding Partners with Leading Rental Management Software Company Alert Management Systems announced a new partnership with Alert Management Systems (Alert) today that is allowing rental companies to obtain 100% accurate customer data within seconds.

“Whether it’s for parties and events or heavy equipment, knowing who is renting inventory is critical for our clients. Integrating’s technology with our Alert EasyPro rental software is helping our clients to be more efficient while significantly reducing fraud and liability,” said Kara Lawrence, the Co-President/CEO of Alert.

Alert, a leading supplier of rental management technology for rental operations, has integrated’s identity verification technology in 200 stores across North America. Using a card reader and’s proprietary WizzForms Plus software, rental companies can simply scan any government-issued ID, and the customer’s information will be automatically populated into Alert’s customer management system.

“We are excited to partner with Alert to allow rental companies to simply scan a customer’s ID to quickly and easily verify who they are and to accurately capture their information before renting them highly valuable inventory, like audio visual equipment and heavy machinery,” said Denis Petrov, the CEO of “Within seconds and with 100% accuracy, our technology can tell front-line staff everything they need to know about the person standing in front of them.”

The solution also saves valuable time by eliminating the need for front-line staff to enter customer data into the company’s customer management system.

“Our clients are thrilled, not only with’s accurate identity verification, but with how easy it is to use and how much it improves efficiency. Considering Alert EasyPro is used in hundreds of rental locations by thousands of end-users who write millions of rental contracts annually, the amount of time saved by not entering customer data adds up to huge savings for our clients,” said Lawrence.

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About Alert Management Systems Corp.
Alert Management Systems Corp. is a leading supplier of Windows-based rental software to single and multi-store rental operations across North America. Founded in 1976, Alert provides its clients with decades of experience and innovation in the rental business. Alert EasyPro is supported in all 50 states, Canada, the Caribbean, and other countries, and is a registered trademark of Alert Management Systems. For more information, please visit