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With the birth of Apple Pay, C-Sam and other digital payment processes, it is no surprise that when it comes to identity validation, digital verification will become the norm. re: ID Magazine explains the implementation of this process and how exactly this technology works.

When we think of identity verification, we might think of a bouncer at a nightclub examining a driver’s, license, possibly scanning it, as well as matching it to the person who hands it to them. Digital verification makes this possible in the digital world but with a much higher level of vetting.

When you try and get access to your banking information, you most likely go through a vetting process called “knowledge-based authentication,” also known as “KBA.” KBA consists of a series of security questions that you must answer in order to gain access. After the 2015 hack into IRS records, it became apparent that KBA was not a secure enough way to verify identity. Now companies are relying on a few different measures to carry out this process. Doc Vaidhyanathan, vice president of management for CA Advanced Authentication states in re ID, “Nobody should rely on a system that says ‘if you know these three or four things, then it’s you.’KBA should just be one layer in verifying an identity.”

One company is doing just that. Verify, a British governmental company, allows citizens to create online identities utlizing a KBA test and linking their documents to this test. A person can take a picture of their document as well as a selfie and send it to Verify. Verify will then use facial recognition technology and a scanner to validate the document and the person’s identity. One of the companies that is pioneering this process in the U.S. is MorphoTrust.  They will be offering Identix which is a product that can be added to existing applications.

It will be interesting to see what other measures companies and governments take to make the identification process easier and more secure. For more information on ID news and updates click here.



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How Healthy is Hospital Security?

Today’s world is changing quickly. Sadly, security is becoming more and more a part of our everyday lives.  With an increasing number of tragedies, I can’t help but think about security precautions people take in order to promote safety. I most recently thought about this when I went to the hospital to visit my grandmother.

I entered the hospital without being required to sign in. This is certainly convenient but it also made me wonder, doesn’t security want to know who is entering the premises? The last time I went to this hospital, I was prompted to sign in because it was after 8:00 pm. But, all I had to do was write my name on a sign-in sheet; it was nothing official.  Since I am working at a company that specializes in ID scanning with an emphasis on stremlining visitor management, I couldn’t help but think about how easy it would be for this hospital, and many more across the country, to implement a system that would keep its patients and staff safe. An entire system can be purcased for as little as $250.

Here are some examples as to how hospitals can benefit from ID scanning:

  • Save time; automate data entry with the scan of a driver’s license in <1 second
  • Prevent unwanted visitors by detecting fake IDs
  • Protect patients and hospital staff by running visitor ID against a security screening list
  • Keep track of who enters and exits the building with in-and-out-tracking
  • Ensure accurate data capture





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The PA700 validates any US or Canadian government-issued ID. If it is fake or if the person is underage, you will receive a notification.The PA700 allows you to group customers and add comments and any other relevant information.The PA700 comes with the software already downloaded on it. It is ready to start scanning as soon as you receive it!


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