Wizzforms with Remote Access

WizzForms Now Supports Remote Desktop Access

IDScan.net is proud to announce that WizzForms now supports remote desktop functionality.   Our customers asked for the capability to use WizzForms with their own server-based applications and through Windows remote desktop this is now possible.  This has many benefits for data capture projects in that it allows you to centralize information capture from multiple locations into one singular database.  Please note that this feature still requires a license key for each scanner.

WizzForms is a data capture and auto-population software that easily integrates into any existing application. WizzForms allows you to scan any state-issued ID (driver’s license, military ID, gun permit, etc.) and auto-populate the information from the ID into a digital form. WizzForms is compatible with any Windows computer and can be integrated into any type of application including POS systems, visitor management solutions, text-entry programs (MS Excel, Google Docs), or web-based applications. Setup is simple and intuitive and takes only 3-5 minutes with no programming skills required. If used with our IDWare TT 800 Scanner or ESeek 280, WizzForms will also allow you to capture the image of the front and back of an ID.  It also supports the entry of custom text, allowing it to be of use in any data capture solution that reads information from the back of a driver’s license or other federal IDs.

If you need assistance making the leap to remote desktop, don’t hesitate to call or email us for guidance and support.

Thanks and have a good one.

3M’s New CR5400 ID Imager Provides Protection Against Fake IDs

The ideal ID scanning solution has always been a four part process.  First, the ID is physically scanned.  The actual raw capture of the 2D barcode, smart-chip, or magnetic stripe is essential to the automation and actual validation of any ID.  Secondly this raw data must be parsed.  Unparsed, unformatted raw data is worthless to the business-owner.  This parsing algorithm must be tailor-made to fit the ID on a state by state basis.  Each state also constantly reformats their IDs, in an attempt to foil the manufacture of fakes and to keep up with new technology provided by the AAMVA.   At IDScan.net, we have the most up-to-date parsing engine and work diligently to stay one step ahead of the forgers.  Thirdly, the data should be collected.  With our program VeriScan Online we pioneered cloud-based ID storage and were the first company to engineer mobile ID verification for the iOS.  Lastly, this data should be presented for analysis.  With VeriScan Online, custom reports and analytics are generated with a mouseclick.

This process is our bread and butter.  That’s why it’s so exciting to announce our newest step with 3M’s CR5400 ID scanner/imager.   The CR5400 represents the newest and most advanced weapon in our arsenal to fight ID fakes and forgers.  This device when paired with our VeriScan software suite will detect any counterfeits, alterations, simulations and substitutions in the ID forging process.

Previously the alternative for checking against fakes and frauds was DMV database integration.  This process is often time consuming and extremely costly, and only suitable for the most thorough visitor management and access control solutions.  This new and affordable device with its spectrum of scanning compatibility checks and verifies licenses’ holograms with UV and Infrared light, ensuring that every inch of the ID meets state regulation and format.  This simplifies the entire verification process to one in-house localized scan, so IDs can be processed quickly and inexpensively.

Additionally, the scanner captures crisp high resolution images of both the front and back of the ID, making it ideal for chargeback prevention as well as ID verification.

Over the following weeks we will be releasing compatible versions of our entire software suite.  Please stay tuned as we work to bring you the most secure and efficient ID scanning solutions at the lowest price possible.  Let us know if you have any additional questions not answered above.

The Pocket Singularity: the Emergence of a Phone-ID Union

We’re doing more and more things with our smartphones.  With Apple Pay and Google Wallet, the traditional leather wallet already seems antiquated when stacked against the convenience of a mobile payment solution. So why not use them to store our driver’s license?

Motorists in Iowa may be among the first in the nation to be able to whip out their smartphones to access their licenses at traffic stops.  The Iowa Department of Transportation is developing a smartphone app that would allow drivers to access a digitally encoded license that would take the place of the conventional plastic ID card.

“It’s on your cellphone so you can carry it around with you,” Iowa Department of Transportation Director Paul Trombino says..

“From a law enforcement perspective I really don’t see any advantages,” says Sgt. Scott Bright with the Iowa State Patrol. “The first thing I thought about is if we’re making a traffic stop, is that violator looking for their cellphone before we stop the car.”

Bright also doubts that officers could scan the information from a digital license without carrying the cellphone back to the squad car.  However, when paired with a mobile ID scanning solution, such as the VeriScan SL42 package, the ID would be able to be scanned in the field, eliminating many privacy concerns.

Computer security experts say the digital license could be more secure than a plastic license you might lose or leave lying around. But that doesn’t mean there’s any real need for this yet.

So with all the objections, what’s the point of a digital driver’s license? Andrea Henry at the Iowa DOT concedes there isn’t exactly a clamor yet for this innovation.

“However, we do know that customers are demanding services through their mobile devices more and more. It’s really about just keeping up with technology,” Henry says.

MorphoTrust USA, the technology company developing the app, is pushing that concept to other motor vehicle departments around the country. Jenny Openshaw of MorphoTrust USA says customers do want to be able to renew their driver’s licenses online and sees this as the next logical step.

“I think that the digital driver’s license doesn’t so much solve a problem as it fulfills a need and a desire on the part of the American consumer to have everything that is important to us in electronic form and on the mobile device of our choice. People are more likely to leave their wallet at home these days than their cellphone,” Openshaw says.

This process of wallet digitization is happening.  People demand convenience, ease of access, and efficiency.  It is only a matter of time before the digital revolution takes the driver’s license as well. And officials must be ready.

At IDScan.net we regularly work with state police forces on mobile scanning solutions.  As we move into the age of the digital ID, contact us to maintain compliance and compatibility.

Liquor Liability Insurance and ID Scanning Solutions: How to Cut Cost by Managing Risk

If your business sells, serves, or allows any alcoholic beverages to be consumed at your establishment, Liquor Liability protects you should your clients or patrons sue your business for damages related to their intoxication.

Food service businesses with Liquor Liability Insurance have coverage for the costs of liquor-related injuries, assaults, or accidents that occur on and off their business premises, depending on their policy.

This insurance also typically covers expenses related to violating state laws related to alcohol retail.

Liquor Liability Insurance covers the legal fees, settlements, and medical costs your business may face, up to the limits of your policy.

To protect their liquor liabilities, many bars pay $966 to $3,360 in annual premiums.

There are two ways to hit the lower ranges of the policy premium spectrum.  The first is by reducing coverage.  While this might be attractive option, do know that the average cost to defend a liquor liability claim is approximately $150,000, and the average cost of a settlement approximately $500,000, making a reduction in coverage less than ideal.  The second, more effective method is to reduce risk by following a few best practices.

  1. Create official protocol for handling inebriated guests. That way, your employees won’t have to do any guesswork. This should include action steps, such as denying service, asking for a designated driver, or offering to call a cab.
  2. Scan every ID. Underage liquor sales are a huge threat to a bar or nightclubs profitability.  All it takes is one serious regulatory violation to warrant a liquor license suspension.
  3. Pull receipts and any additional documentation. This includes time-stamped ID scans. As soon as you catch wind that there’s been an accident, physical altercation, or other alcohol-related incident, you should pull receipts. Credit card transactions are easy to pull – the receipts are often even itemized. Also note that with most ID scanning software (including VeriScan Online) reports are generated through a one click export.  Depending on your setup, cash payments may be more difficult to track. Immediately find the person who served the person involved, and ask what was served, how many drinks were served, and whether or not the server engaged the person in conversation. Document all of this. The point here is to gather evidence while all the information is still fresh in case you do wind up in court.

Liquor Liability Insurance is almost a necessity for bars and taverns – in fact, some states require it before bar owners can get a liquor license. These requirements are part of a state’s dram shop laws, which can hold bars responsible for selling alcohol to an intoxicated patron who ends up hurting someone or damaging property.  Depending on where you live, you could be sued if a patron has too much to drink and crashes their car. Fortunately for bar owners, Liquor Liability Insurance covers these lawsuits.

To get an idea of what deductible and policy limits are available for your bar, talk to your insurance agent.

Remember: Investing in an ID scanning solution can mitigate these costs by around 5% and defend against regulatory complaints. It shows good faith and cooperation with the law, providing more transparency in court, reducing the likelihood of lawsuit settlements against your establishment.