5 Ways ID Scanning Solutions Help Prevent Chargebacks at your Club

The story is always the same.  A patron comes into your club, spends a lot of money, and a week later you receive a chargeback from their credit card company.   This is the result of something called “buyer’s remorse” and it affects thousands of businesses all over the country on a weekly basis.

Buyer’s remorse stems from feelings of guilt over extravagance, or the notion that the customer has been duped into spending more than he or she should.   Industries such as gentleman’s clubs, nightclubs, and liquor retailers are especially prone to fraudulent chargeback claims as they sell intangible services that are likely to induce buyer’s remorse in a large percentage of their customer base.

Capturing customer information is the best way to prevent chargebacks.  The best way to go about this is with a time-efficient, automated, and preferably mobile solution.  VeriScan Online’s cloud-based customer capture solution provides a secure, easy-to-use platform to capture and record and analyze your customers’ personal data.

The following best practices with VeriScan Online will help you reduce and fight chargeback claims levied against your business:

Scan, verify, and record the customers’ drivers licenses-  Using our VeriScan software scan and validate your customers’ IDs, recording all of the contained data in a CSV log.

Use mobile solutions to eliminate buyers’ hesitance-  VeriScan Online has a suite of mobile apps to allow for signature capture and ID scanning on the go, eliminating buyer hesitance associated with kiosk identification.  If you can go to the customer rather than demanding the customer come to you, it’s far more likely that he or she will remain comfortable, relaxed, and willing to spend money on your products and services.

Timestamp your ID swipes–  ID scans are timestamped so that they may be matched with credit card processes, proving that the patron in question was at the establishment during the time and credit card process in question.

Record biometrics–  The more customer information you provide credit card companies, the easier it is to fight chargeback claims against your business.    With VeriScan Online’s custom waiver feature you can create an agreement or waiver on the portal and have your patrons sign it using an iPad or connected signature pad device.

Photocapture the patrons’ IDs–  VeriScan Online now allows for the Capture of 3 saved images to the cloud.   These images can be of the patron in question, a hard copy of the ID, or any other identifying documents.  They are all saved to the cloud and linked to the ID scan of your patron for immediate review.

Generating a report of this information to provide to the credit card companies is as easy as selecting a date range and clicking generate.  By following these 5 best practices you can eliminate costly risk and prevent chargebacks and fraudulent claims with little to no hassle.  If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to call or email us, as consultation is free.

Visitor Management Solution

IDScan.net Provides Oil Refinery Giant with Visitor Management Solution

IDScan.net recently provided an oil refinery giant with new visitor management solution to facilitate their automated entry process.  The solution is kiosk-based and requires no supervisor or manual oversight.  Everything from entry request to database checking to badge printing is automated.

The refinery deployed this solution to six entry points at their facility, so that they are secure from all access points and may track exactly where on the premises each visitor is.

Visitor Management Systems Pipeline:

The VeriScan Online Visitor Management Systems module is a multifaceted solution covering each step of the visitor management process:

The first step in the VMS pipeline is the access request form.  By utilizing this access queue you take the first step to fully automating your security solution.    Prospective visitors are provided with a link to a customizable request form.  Upon completion, this form is sent to a processing queue to be reviewed.  If your business is qualified for government database checks they are performed at this point.

The second step of the VMS pipeline occurs upon the visitor’s access request clearing the database checks and a visitation has been scheduled.  Upon arrival at your location, the visitor will scan his ID.  This can be done with a myriad of devices, however we suggest either an Infinea Tab Scanner for iPad, or the Honeywell Captuvo models for iPhone and iPad.  Upon scan, the software will display demographic information such as name, age, address, gender, date of birth, as well as the ID’s expiration date, indicating its validity.   After clearing this second round of security, the guest moves forward in the pipeline.

The third step is to print the guest a visitor’s badge.  This badge is customizable and can include a picture of the guest and all relevant information, include an expiration date and time.  Small thermal printers are recommended for this process, as they are inexpensive and easily deployable.  Upon providing the visitor with an expiring badge they become authorized.

The forth step to the VMS process is record keeping.  All logged IDs can be found at the VeriScan Online dashboard at www.veriscanonline.com.  From there, security managers can generate reports, create custom groups to further categorize your visitors by interest or purpose (e.g. investor, maintenance, contractor, etc) and monitor other visitors in real-time.

Using a sophisticated, modern, visitor management solution will save your company labor costs and time spent processing would-be clients and customers.  It will also provide you and your business the peace of mind knowing that your solution covers against all risks, and certifies that your guest and your business is protected in the event of an emergency.