Nevada Supporting Two ID Types, One REAL

In the latest news involving the enactment of the REAL ID act, drivers in Nevada are having difficulty using certain IDs for activities like entering a courthouse or receiving access to Federal property, and for some, such as lawyers, this is problematic.

The issue involves Nevada’s choice to adopt the REAL ID but maintain its old program as well.  REAL IDs are becoming the standard for most federally legitimate identification processes.  Their increased security features were preventative measures taken in a post-9/11 political environment.  Use the useful chart above to check whether or not your ID is REAL or, well, you know, not REAL.

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Tropical Isle deploys id scanner fleet

Tropical Isle, Home of the Hand Grenade, Deploys ID Scanners

Tropical Isle ® adopted a complete ID scanning solution this past Tuesday for all five of its locations in the New Orleans metropolitan area.  The comprehensive solution is aimed to both validate customers’ IDs as they enter the clubs and then retain records of said validation to eliminate risk and liability as well as adhere to regulations set up by the Louisiana Alcohol and Tobacco Control.

Tropical Isle ® is one of the most popular destinations for tourists visiting NOLA.   This meant that their solution had to be compatible with IDs from all over the country.  Because of the constant in-and-out nature of their bar, they needed a device that could also record and validate an ID extremely quickly.  The VeriScan M-310S Portable ID Scanners solved both of those problems.

The owners, Pam and Earl, are the creators of the infamous Hand Grenade, New Orleans’ Most Powerful Drink ®.  They see their fair share of rowdy nights.  Because each and every ID scan is recorded, they can track and report customers who are problem-causers, as well as mark them as banned, preventing them from entrance in the future.

At, we love working with customers like Tropical Isle ®.  As much as they are a fixture here in New Orleans (Tropical Isle was founded in the 1984 Louisiana World Exposition) they are not afraid to change and develop as the bar and nightclub industry brings forth new challenges.  Through responsibility and efficient use of available technology barowners can reduce cost and risk while maintaining a safe and fun environment.

Next time you’re in New Orleans stop by Tropical Isle ®.  Drink a few Hand Grenades ® (AND I MEAN ONLY A FEW).  We’ll make sure a hangover is the worst of your worries.

KOAMTAC releases KDC500 Chip and Pin Scanner

“KOAMTAC has built a complete Bluetooth barcode data companion portfolio over the last 10 years, and continues to provide the most compact, power efficient devices on the market,” stated Dr. Hanjin Lee, President and CEO of KOAMTAC. KOAMTAC’s new device, the KDC500, is the latest in the long-standing line of pocket sized bluetooth barcode scanners.

The bluetooth barcode scanner is no longer a rarity in the ever evolving POS, inventory managment, and id scanning industries.   The device’s 1D laser is compatible with most product barcodes while its 2D imager is compatible with all state and federal ID formats, including military IDs.    What separates the KDC500 is its inclusion of advanced payment processing methods as well as its size and long battery life.  “The KDC500 is 50% smaller and lighter than its competitors, but with its ultra-efficient power management technique it enables a long lasting operation; up to a few weeks on a single charge.”

The KDC500 bluetooth barcode scanner is intended to bridge the gap to the Chip and Pin market in America by providing an easy to use lightweight and ergonomic Chip and Pin scanner with a multi-case form factor that should appeal to most large-scale retailers and warehouses.

For more info and technical specifications please see the press release which can be found in its entirety here.


New York City ID has no 2D barcode

NYC Takes Steps Backwards with New ID

At, we get excited about most new ID format releases.  Why? It’s our bread and butter.  The expansion of the identification process to include municipal services is progressive, forward thinking, and leads to all-around efficient and easy data processing.  Don’t like filling out medical info? Us neither, and so we applaud New York City’s attempt to make tedious processes like applying for library cards and passes for museums unneccesary.  Also worth noting is the availability of these new IDs.  Anyone over the age of 14 can apply for one. And the enrollment process is free.

However, as much as the ID’s newly added applications and availability are one step forward, its lack of security and cardholder information is two steps backwards. And not to mention, extremely irresponsible.

Take a look at the new IDNYC at the top of the post.

As you can see the only data capture feature is a 1D barcode.  Those of us in the ID scanning industry know that this sort of data processing became outdated years ago, as the only data it may contain is a single ID number.  This is irresponsible for two very important reasons.

  1. Security. When processing the card there is no way to verify its legitimacy.  When scanning a typical ID, a savvy establishment will always check the front of the card to ensure that it matches the information encoded on the back.  When the back of the card carries no information except a string of numbers, this process becomes useless.  Fraudulent IDs will be virtually undetectable.
  2. Limited Applications.  The IDNYC will not be able to be used for any automated age verification or data entry purposes.  Autofill data entry is impossible if no demographics data is carried on the back of the card.  Bouncers and alcohol/tobacco vendors will have to manually inspect each ID with no ability to check authenticity.

It is important to note that we believe that this program has good intentions, however its current implementation should prove ineffective.  When you receive an IDNYC please be vigilant.  Frauds will be out there.  And they will be harder to detect than ever.

For more info, click here.’s ID Scanning Solution Passes Integration Testing with IGT to Provide Driver License Scanning and ID Validation Capability for IGT, leading Casino Management System Provider.

New Orleans, LA – December 15, 2014:, a leader in ID scanning software solutions, and a subsidiary of Wizz Systems LLC, is announcing the successful completion of IGT’s testing process for its ID scanning technology and  M-280 flatbed scanner.’s solution successfully integrates  with IGT’s Advantage Patron Management Casino Management System to automate the player enrollment process.

IGT is a global leader in casino gaming entertainment and continues to transform the industry by translating casino player experiences to social, mobile and interactive environments for regulated markets around the world. has a strong foothold in the casino market as well. “This integration of our innovative ID scanning solution will enhance IGT’s suite of products, as well as give an expansion of our solution to enhance the player enrollment process in hundreds of casinos,” says Denis Petrov, CEO of “This integration is beneficial to both companies and we are pleased to make this announcement.”

The M-280 flatbed scanner and ID reader with’s WizzForms software will enhance player enrollment through easy, accurate and automated entry of player ID details, thereby increasing the efficiency and speed of the player enrollment process.  This automated process minimizes errors associated with manual data entry and simplifies an otherwise time-intensive process to the swipe of a driver’s license.

About is the industry leader in ID scanning technology and development of ID scanning software solutions for many of the top companies in the US and Canada. provides a full spectrum of solutions for fraud prevention, access control, automatic data capture, age verification and visitor management.  Its innovative history includes being first to market with their iOS and mobile solutions for scanning ID’s.  Products offered include a full suite of mobile, tablet, and desktop solutions that are used in a variety of industries, including casinos, hospitality, retail, financial, grocery, marketing, automotive, security, technology, government and law enforcement sectors.  For more news and information on, please visit