Louisiana Driver's lIcense

Bobby Jindal rejects LA’s Real ID Law

The governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal, has vetoed the REAL ID bill passed in Louisiana.

A couple of months ago, the Louisiana legislature adopted the REAL ID bill to ensure Louisiana’s driver’s licenses complied with federal regulation.  By 2016, these new REAL ID compliant driver’s licenses will be required for anyone who wants to enter federally-owned premises or board  a plane.

Governor Jindal stated that Louisiana had at least 18 months before they had to comply with the REAL ID regulation.  In the short-term, he did not want to expose local residents to “unnecessary federal oversight” by offering REAL ID compliant driver’s licenses.

Although Louisiana has chosen not to pursue REAL ID compliant driver’s licenses, our software is still able to read them.  Our desktop, tablet, and mobile software solutions can read any type of ID including military and hunting/fishing licenses from the US or Canada.

If you’re interested to learn more, please contact us.

Georgia DMV

Georgia also adding online driver’s license renewal

Starting on July 1st, you will no longer have to wait in line at a Georgia DMV to renewal your driver’s license.  Your welcome.

To qualify, your driver’s license or ID must be Secure ID compliant.  What does that mean?  It means when you registered for a driver’s license, you rough a birth certificate or passport, your social security card, two documents proving your residency, and a Marriage License if you’ve changed your name.  There will also be a gold start in the top right hand corner of your driver’s license if you qualify.

To register, check out www.dds.ga.gov.  Licenses will arrive by mail approximately two weeks after online renewal.

ID verification is extremely important in these scenarios where online renewal can potentially lead to identity theft and fraud.  If you are a DMV and interested in ID verification software, please Contact Us.


North Carolina Driver's License

NC Adds Remote Driver’s License Renewal

Do to an extreme increase in volume, North Carolina has passed a bill that would allow people to renew their driver’s license remotely.

To qualify, a person would need a valid driver’s licenses issued after they turned 18.  Additionally, they would be required to have previously renewed their driver’s license in person at the DMV office.

This new bill that was passed on Wednesday and would let people renew licenses without taking a new picture or passing an exam at the DMV.  People are free to apply online, by mail, or by telephone.  The IDs would be valid for 4 years and reduce the hassle of waiting in line at the DMV.

As ID renewal moves to an online model, ID validation will continue to be pivotal.  The ability to scan, verify, and collect customer information will be an important aspect of the success of this campaign.

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Fake Mississippi ID

Check Fraud caught in Biloxi

In Biloxi, Mississippi, police reported that a man tried to cash fake checks using a fake ID.

At the Boomtown Casino in Biloxi, Andrew Clay Sims was caught attempting to cash two fake checks within the same hour.  By using a fake ID, he attempted to commit check fraud and cash each check.

Does this sound similar?  It has been reported by several law enforcement agencies that the fake ID is often the weakest part of check cashing scams.  Protect your business by integrating an ID scanner into security system.  Visit our solutions page for more information.


Driver's license for illegal immigrants

Driver’s Licenses for Illegal Immigrants – Good or Bad Policy?

There has been a lot of recent debate regarding whether states should provide driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants.  Providing them with identification would help guarantee our roads are safer by ensuring they become insured and trained drivers.  However, there has been significant push back against these policies.  Although providing them with driver’s licenses would make our roads safer, there is debate regarding whether illegal immigrants should be able to receive a driver’s license.

In California, the “Drive CA” program has been labeled as overly stringent.  For this program to work, regulators agree that there must be easy access to document requirements and applicant’s privacy must be protected.  This poses another potential problem of discrimination when illegal immigrants apply for a driver’s license.

Currently, similar bills for illegal immigrants to get driver’s licenses are trying to be based all across the US.  Despite the heavy support for them, they have faced significant political deadlock.

What do you think about giving illegal immigrants driver’s licenses?  Let us know if the comments section below.

Fake NJ IDs

New ID Scam to sell iPhones

A new ID scam is starting to become popular around the country that involves the use of fake IDs.

In the most recent instance, two perpetrators used fake IDs to open multiple cell phone accounts at Radio Shack.  They would upgrade their phone services, buy a new iPhone for about $100, and afterwards add an additional phone line to get a second iPhone.  They would then turn around and sell these phones for $500 online.

Police reported that one of the suspects had 13 fake IDs.  The entire scam led to $5,400 in fraud.

Our systems are designed to detect fake IDs by reading the PDF417 barcode found on the back of any type of driver’s license, military ID, or other state-issued ID.  Our enterprise solutions allow you to quickly integrate ID scanning and fake ID detection into any type of POS, desktop, or software system.  Check out the pages for our ID Parsing SDK and Web Services API for th more information.

What other types of ID scams have you seen?  Feel free to leave a comment below to chime in.

MN Enhanced Drivers License

New MN Enhanced Driver’s License. What is it?

Do you know what an enhanced driver’s license is?

Minnesota is just one of five states that offer an enhanced driver’s license.  This license costs $15 extra and looks very different from the typical license.

What does an enhanced driver’s license get you?  With this license, you can travel between Mexico, Canada, Bermuda, and the Bahamas without a passport.  The license itself is a lot more stiff and has the word enhanced on the front with an American flag.

Inside the license is an RFID (radio frequency identification chip) that is used at the border to verify your identity against a federal database.  This is the same type of database that is used for passports.

Our software is programmed to read any type of enhanced ID.  Our parsing engine is the most up to date on the market and reads IDs from all 50 US states, 8 Canadian provinces, and all Mexican provinces.  To learn more about our solutions, please visit our solutions page.

Interested in reading RFID chips using a mobile or tablet scanner?  Visit our store page to learn about the newest RFID compatible mobile scanners.

What do you think about the new enhanced IDs being rolled out across the country?  Leave your thoughts below in the comment section.


The rise of Biometrics

The Watchdog from the Dallas Morning News recently pointed out the new imposition of biometrics when renewing a driver’s license.

Previously, biometrics including fingerprints and facial recognition would never be required unless you were convicted of a crime.  Outside of some government occupations that require fingerprints, DMV databases would keep your fingerprints online.

With the constant encroachment on our privacy, is the imposition of new biometrics a good thing?  There is a definite trade off between respecting people’s privacy and enhancing security.  Which are more important to you?

The introduction of biometrics is becoming more and more common for access control, visitor management, and liability claims (read our article about fighting chargebacks).

If biometrics are essential to the security of your business, we recommend you checking out our VeriScan Desktop software.  VeriScan Desktop provides the ability to collect an image of a person’s drivers license, fingerprints, an image of the visitor, and an electronic signature.  It is the perfect solution for those looking for an extra layer of security.

What do you think about biometrics and fingerprinting?  Leave your comments below and let us know what you think.

Fake Pennsylvania Drivers License Scan

Fake ID used in an attempt to buy a gun

In Elizabethtown, New York, a man attempted to use a fake ID to purchase a gun.

Kevin Zarbailov already faces a prior felony conviction and attempted to use a fake ID to purchase a gun.  In a second effort, he tried to ask a stranger to go in and buy a gun for him.

The ability to detect fake IDs is extremely important in keeping our streets safe.  To learn more about our available solutions, please visit the Solutions tab on our website.

To read the full story, please visit the Lancaster Online website.

Fight chargebacks with VeriScan Plus and the M-280 Scanner.

How Do I Protect my Nightclub from Chargebacks?

You’ve experienced it before.  A customer comes to your nightclub, spends a lot of money, and a week later issues a chargeback through their credit card company.  This phenomenon is a result of something called “buyer’s remorse”, and it affects thousands of clubs all over the country on a weekly basis.


Chargebacks directly hurt your business’s bottom line and lead to a significant loss on your books.  With chargebacks becoming a frequent occurrence in the nightclub industry, how do we protect ourselves from these costly transactions?


Here at IDFalcon, we developed a fully integrated system that helps you keep track of visitors and prove that they were on your premises.  We integrated ID scanning, image capture, fingerprinting, and electronic signature into a system that is still easy-to-use, fast and efficient, and most importantly, effective.


Crazy Horse III in Las Vegas found VeriScan Plus and the M-280 scanner to have an immediate impact on their club’s operations.  By utilizing it at the VIP section of their club, Crazy Horse III is able to quickly capture all of the customer’s credentials and information to protect themselves from fraud and chargebacks.  The system is also fast and efficient, which allowed them to still deliver an extremely high level of customer service and an excellent customer experience.


Many of our customers have championed that the major benefit of VeriScan Plus and the M-280 is the ability to capture three forms of identification in fewer than 5 seconds – customer information (name, age, gender, address, etc.), a picture of the person, and an image of their driver’s license and credit card.  We also integrated fingerprinting and electronic signature as an additional level of security to guarantee that customers cannot issue a chargeback.


Chargebacks are costly, but they don’t have to hurt your club.  With our new system, chargebacks are a thing of the past.  Stop “buyer’s remorse” and start fighting chargebacks.


For more information, please visit the VeriScan Plus and M-280 Product Page.


About IDFalcon: IDFalcon provides ID scanning solutions that read driver’s licenses, military IDs, and other state IDs for access control, automatic data capture, and age verification.  They have 10+ years of experience in the ID scanning industry and pioneered ID scanning for mobile apps.  Some of their clients include Sapphire Club in Las Vegas, Caesar’s Entertainment, Molson Coors, Hooters, and Borgata Casinos.