Iowa DOT System

Iowa Driver’s License Photo used to Catch Thieves

Using Iowa’s DOT system, Ronald Carnes was caught after escaping from prison 40 years ago.  Carnes attempted to apply for a new driver’s license under a different name from his vehicle title.  Iowa’s DOT system was able to use facial recognition to identify Carnes and put him behind bars.  He will face charges of possession of a fictitious license, fraudulent practices, and possession of a weapon by a felon.

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UT Installs Driver’s License Kiosk on Campus

The University of Tennessee has installed new kiosks where Tennessee citizens can come to renew their driver’s license or other state ID.  The kiosks will take a picture and use facial recognition to verify your image on record.  After taking the picture, it will process credit card payments and issue you an interim license, which is valid for twenty days.

The Department of Safety and Homeland Security officials contacted UT about the kiosk to take advantage of the large student population and constant foot traffic throughout the building.  There are now 40 of these same kiosks in various locations throughout Tennessee.

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Man Selling Fake IDs

Man Arrested for Creating Fake Documents for Illegal Immigrants

In Arizona, A man named Gustavo Carranza-Villa was arrested for manufacturing and distributing falsified government documents.

It was discovered that Carranza-Villa was creating fake permanent resident alien ID cards and Social Security cards and selling them to illegal immigrants to help them get a job.  When caught, police found a printer, card stock, printer ribbons, and fraudulent IDs in his apartment.

It is still undeclared whether the IDs were made based on real people’s identities.  It was reported that Carranza-Villa was previously arrested by the US immigration and Customs Enforcement for producing US government documents.  He was deported to Mexico in 2006, but found a way to make his way back.

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VeriScan Online

Protect your Business from Troublesome Customers

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Minneapolis, MN:  Several bars, nightclubs, and restaurants in Minneapolis discovered that the same customers continually go door to door and cause all of their businesses’ problems.  To eliminate this issue, these business owners began looking for a way to work together to keep the 1% of their customers that cause 95% of their incidents off their premises.


The best solution they found was a mobile app called VeriScan Online from, which allows businesses to share lists and instantly ban patrons from their establishments.  Through this cloud-based solution, if a patron is kicked out or banned at one establishment and tries to go to another one, the owner will immediately receive a SMS or email notification upon swiping the person’s driver’s license at the door.


Steve Hark from Aqua Club is the leader of the movement to make Minneapolis’ nightlife a more enjoyable and safer experience.  Since his adoption of VeriScan Online, eight other restaurants, bars, and nightclubs started using the app and its shared list feature to keep dangerous customers from entering their premises.’s VeriScan Online is a sophisticated ID verification system that provides a new standard for mobile ID scanning.  Coupled with Honeywell’s industry-leading SL22 iPod/iPhone scanner, VeriScan Online turns any Apple device into a powerful ID scanning device that scans all drivers’ license from the US or Canada, verifies age, and captures data into an online data analytics dashboard.


“Our goal is to provide a mobile solution that protects business from liability and keeps their premises’ safe,” said’s CEO Denis Petrov.  “We fully support the Minneapolis’ businesses that have started working together to keep dangerous customers away from their establishments.”


VeriScan Online with the Honeywell SL22 scanner is utilized for access control and customer relationship management.  This solutions provides a full suite of features including a magnetic stripe reader, 2D barcode scanner, image capture capabilities, custom groups such as Banned and VIP, and online reporting tools.  Because VeriScan Online is a cloud-based solution, it easily synchronizes information across several devices and geographical locations.


VeriScan Online is available on the App Store and offers a 30-day free trial.


About provides ID scanning solutions for age verification, access control, and CRM software.  They have 10+ years of experience in app development and pioneered ID scanning for mobile apps.  Some of their past clients include IBM, Tesla, Molson Coors, Hooters, and Borgata Casinos.


iPhone Purchasing Scam

In Salt Lake City, Utah two people were arrested for using fake IDs to obtain discounts on purchasing Apple products.

William Torres and Kayla Nunez were using someone else’s Apple account to create new lines and obtain a significant discount on buying a phone.  They used fake IDs to pose as each person and it is estimated that they’ve caused a combined loss of $8,536 for Apple.

Our ID scanning apps will help identify fake IDs to prevent fraud in your retail location.  For more information, click the Solutions tab at the top or give us a call at 504.434.0222.

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Will Weatherford

House Speaker Will Weatherford’s Bill will make it easier for suspended drivers to get their licenses back

In the hopes of reducing the amount of suspended licenses in Florida, Senator Will Weatherford (R-Wesley Chapel) added the amendment SB 1272 to an omnibus transportation bill.

Similar to amendment HB 1181, which was sponsored by Majority Whip Dana Young of Tampa, Sen. Weatherford’s bill will make it easier for drivers to get their licenses back who have had them suspended for non-driving related incidents.  Specifically, they will be allowed to receive a restricted license, thus allowing them to travel to and from work only.  Additionally, first-time offenders of writing a worthless check will no longer automatically receive a suspension, and drug offenders will have the length of their suspension reduce from two to one years.

Weatherford believes that the 1.3 million licenses suspended or revoked during the last fiscal year should be reduced, so people can continue going to work and supporting their families.  He believes that driver’s license suspensions have become a form of punishment that is often not even related to driving incidents.

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Florida driver's license

Florida driver’s license problem

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) mistakenly sent several driver’s license suspensions to motorists without any issues.  If a driver received a notice, the DHSMV insists that they first check the status of their license through the DHSMV website.  This only applies to people who received a driver’s license suspension notice after March 31, 2014.

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Identity Theft

Man uses fake ID to obtain $9,000 car loan

Police in Columbus, Ohio are on the search for a man who used false identification to obtain a car loan.  The man used a fraudulent bill of sale from Alabama at a credit union to obtain a vehicle loan valued at $9,262.  He used proof of residency and the information from an employer, but police later found that the man’s address and employment information was false.

Protect your business from liability by identifying fake IDs as soon as they are scanned.  Our software will identify the authenticity of the ID to prevent this type of transaction from affecting your business.  To learn more, click the Solutions tab at the top of the page to learn about the different mobile, tablet, and desktop solutions we offer.

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Missouri State Capitol

Missouri House passes drivers’ license renewal change

A new legislation bill has passed in Missouri that eliminates the need for Missouri drivers to show their birth certificates when renewing their licenses.  The only time that proof of lawful residence and citizenship would be required is if there is a reasonable belief of fraud.

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Chino Police Department

Chino police to conduct DUI/driver’s license checkpoint

The Chino Police Department is planning to conduct a DUI and driver’s license checkpoint at 8pm this Friday through Saturday morning where a large amount of DUI-related collisions have occurred.

Drivers will be stopped by officers looking for signs of substance-induced impairment.  Punishment in the form of jail time, license suspension, insurance increases and fines, DUI classes, court probation, and other expenses can be expected.

It is important to keep those under the influence off the streets and bring awareness to the community about impaired driving.

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