Virginia ID

Virginia Man Pleads Guilty in Fake ID Case

A Richmond man pleaded guilty for participating as a “runner” in a fake ID ring.  Manuel Garcia-Rojas helped sell fake IDs (Social Security cards, green cards, etc.) to illegal immigrants, while working with nine other co-defendants.  The enterprise was based in Mexico and had operations in Arkansas, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Ohio, and Rhode Island.  Garcia-Rojas was caught at a police traffic stop after trying to assault a rival ID maker and steal his equipment.

To read the entire story, please visit The Marietta Times website.

hawaii license

Documents to get driver’s license, cost of state ID to change

Starting on May 1st, the required documents and cost of obtaining a driver’s license in Hawaii will change.  State IDs will cost $32.00 in Kauai County, at the rate of $4 per year, and $40.00 in Honolulu, Maui and Hawaii counties, at the rate of $5 per year.  The state ID is good for 8 years, and a duplicate will cost $7 in Kauai County and $6 in Honolulu, Maui and Hawaii counties.  Those obtaining a driver’s license will be required to present two forms of proof of principal residence in Hawaii.

To read the full story, please visit the KITV4 website.

1% of customers Cause 95% of incidents at Nightclubs and Bars

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When people go out for the night, they want to have a fun and safe experience.  It is important to find a way to provide this experience to your customers by keeping troublemakers off of your premises.  What’s the best way to keep the troublemakers out?   Here are 5 tips:


1. Ensure their ID is valid

Checking an ID to ensure that it is real and not expired is extremely important to protect yourself from liability and ensuring your premises is safe.  We recommend using an ID scanner (check out our mobile app VeriScan or VeriScan Online) or hiring a professional to train your employees on how to spot a fake ID.  ID formats are constantly changing, so it’s important to stay up to date.


2. Reward the Good, Punish the Bad

Loyalty cards and other incentives can be very persuasive in determining a patron’s behavior.  By creating a strong loyalty program where you reward the good and punish the bad can greatly persuade customers to be on their best behavior.  To ensure this is successful, it is important to advertise your loyalty program to customers to make them aware of your VIP and Banned lists.


3. If you kick them out, make sure they stay out

There’s no such thing as a one-time offender.  Many of the club-goers who get kicked out tend to come back and cause more trouble.  If you ban them from your establishment, make sure you keep them out and don’t allow them to sneak in when a different bouncer is on duty.  Most modern ID scanners have this capability and will allow you to record incident details.


4. Talk with your fellow club owners

Many troublemakers will get kicked out of one club and simply move onto the next one.  If you talk with your fellow club owners or share a list of banned patrons with each other, you can better protect your club and make the night more enjoyable for your customers.


5. Let them know you’re watching

It is important to make customers aware that you know who they are.  Placing cameras where customers can see them will let them know you’re being vigilant to keep your club safe.


About provides ID scanning solutions that read driver’s licenses, military IDs, and other state IDs for access control, automatic data capture, and age verification.  They have 10+ years of experience in the ID scanning industry and pioneered ID scanning for mobile apps.  Some of their clients include Sapphire Club in Las Vegas, Caesar’s Entertainment, Molson Coors, Hooters, and Borgata Casinos.

Texas DL

Texas DPS Urges Online Driver’s License Renewal

The Texas DPS is strongly urging citizens to avoid the long lines at the DMV and registering to renew their license online.  DPS Director Steven McCraw says many Texans can opt into renewing their IDs online instead of in person.  The only eligibility requirements include US citizenship and ID expiration within one year.  The DPS has also implemented “mega centers” in Austin, DFW, Houston, and San Antonio, which allows you to reserve a spot in line at the DPS center before going in.

To read the full story, check out the NBCDFW website.


Metro Employee Accused of Illegally Accessing Driver’s License Records

In Minnesota, Metro Transit confirmed an investigation of one of its employees who was accused of illegally accessing private information from the Department of Public Safety website.  According to sources, the employee looked up the names and photos of driver’s license data more than 7,000 times.

To read the full story, please visit the KSTP website.

MVA DL Renewal

Maryland Changes Driver’s License Renewal Policy

The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration has changed its driver’s license renewal policy, so you can now renew your license your self.  If eligible, applicants will be allowed to renew their license online or at a kiosk inside any MVA branch.  This only applies to people under 40 years of age because of state laws regarding vision tests.

To read the full story, check out the WBAL 1090 AM website.

Maine License

Maine warns of driver’s license Web site scam

Maine is warning about a website scam that is collecting driver’s license information and money from Maine residents.

The website claims that if you provide personal information and pay a fee, you can receive a renewed license.  However, people applying through the website have failed to receive anything in the mail.

According to Maine’s Secretary of State Matt Dunlap, the website is unassociated with any government agency in the state.  To renew a driver’s license online through the state of Maine’s Rapid Renewal, visit For information, call the Secretary of State’s office at (207) 624-8400.

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Florida Investigation

Deputy fired for misusing driver’s license database

After months of an investigation in Florida, it has been revealed that several law enforcement officers have been illegally using driver’s license databases to illegally access people’s personal information.

Everyone’s driver’s license information is stored in a central database known as D.A.V.I.D (the Driver and Vehicle Information Database) that receives about six million hits a month.  It is reported that officers were illegally accessing this database to look up information on celebrities, reporters, and ordinary citizens.

Although the system is password protected, the photos and social security numbers of hundreds of thousands Florida drivers are int he system.

To read the full story, visit the ABC7 News website.



Dog License

Westfield Requires Driver’s License Number for Dog License

Westfield instituted a new rule to require people to provide their driver’s license information to obtain a dog license.  The city hopes to facilitate an easier way to return lost dogs by having owner driver’s license information.  Oftentimes, owners will move without forwarding their street address, which presents major obstacles when trying to return a dog.  However, many dog owners have raises concern regarding privacy issues of divulging their personal information.

To read the full article, please visit the MassLive Website.


Alert – Alabama driver’s license system offline will be offline in late April

As forewarning, the driver’s license renewal system in Alabama will down for a few days in late April.  The Alabama Department of Public Safety will be converting their databases so comply with federal regulations, which means all online services will be down from Friday, April 25 at 5pm until 8 am on Wednesday, April 30.

To read more, please check the WSFA 12 website.