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Nautilus VeriAge Wizz Program lets you read, display and save information from driver's licenses with a magnetic stripe and/or 2D barcode. Plus additional features such as Groups Manager and ability to work with new generation of 2D barcode and magnetic readers.

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E-Seek M310 - VeriAge Access Control and Age Verification Solution

Group Manager VIP, Banned, etc, - VeriAge Access Control and Age Verification Solution

Main Screen - VeriScan Access Control and Age Verification Solution

Settings - VeriScan Access Control and Age Verification Solution


M-310 Handheld ID card reader with VeriScan Mobile

The Model 310 introduces a new performance standard for portable ID card reading. The Model 310 reads one and two dimensional barcodes (PDF417), 3 track magnetic stripe. Industry's best ID scanning software VeriScan provides fast and efficient ID processing operations. The Model 310 also incorporates a full-color interactive touch screen LCD display along with, USB device, Internal 802.11 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth as standard. Ideal solution for Age Verification, ID data capture, Visitor/ Access management, etc.

List of VeriScan Mobile Features

  • Reads Government issued Driver's Licenses and other IDs
  • Reliable Age Verification/ID Expiration
  • Collects customers' info such as name, gender and mailing address
  • Creates log with exact time information
  • Groups Manager (VIP, Black list, etc)
  • Velocity check (multiple scan alert)
  • Adjustable Valid Age (18, 21, etc)
  • Color message and sound alerts
  • Enter customer phone number, email address and comments
  • Alert List (enter external data for a name match)
  • Security Option allow you to password-protect Main Menu
  • Display/Hide Address from the main screen
  • Instant report available right on mobile device
  • Works with industry best mobile ID reader M310
  • No Internet connection required, No Contracts
  • Email export log file directly from VS application, no need to setup email client(feature requires internet connection and subscription)
  • Easy to use
Additional VeriScan Plus Features

  • Ability to password protect options/settings/reports/export
  • Privacy Settings(i.e. saving demographic data only, hide ID#, etc)
  • Custom Agreement and Signature for every ID scan
  • Ability to edit/update address for every scan

Just slide a Driver's license and you will see Name of the Person and Age(optional and could be disabled), see screenshot. 
The other fields will be saved to comma-separated log file. Partial list of DL fields:

  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Address1
  • Address2
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Birthday
  • Drivers License Number
  • License Expiration Date
  • Sex
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Hair Color
  • Eye Color

Information from IDs (driver's licenses, etc) will be saved on your mobile device and then transferred to a hard drive (via supplied USB cable), so you can analyze it later using such programs as MS Excel, MS Access or other program that can recognize Comma Delimited format (CSV or Comma-Separated file).

Captured data allows precise customer analysis by age groups, by ZIP code, by gender, time of visit, ability to create accurate mailing lists, upload to external databases and much more. 

Ready to use out of the box. 18 months original manufacturer's warranty is included, extended warranty is available.

E-seek M-310 with VeriScan Mobile Software(Complete system) from $1395.00 $1295.00

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If you already have E-Seek M310 or similar model you can download our program and try it FREE.
  • VeriScan Mobile Desktop Installer (Mobile Device must be connected to your Desktop)

  • Download VeriAge Wizz Mobile Setup

  • VeriScan Wizz Mobile CAB file(Run it from your Mobile Device)

  • Download VeriAge Wizz Mobile Setup

    Download VeriScan Mobile Help File in Adobe PDF Format.

    How to create and download History Log file

    E-seek M-310 with VeriScan Mobile Software(Complete system) from $1395.00 $1295.00

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